Monday, May 30, 2011

Its that time of the week again...

That's right... time for more Meatlocker Monday madness! Hopefully this lovely gentleman will chase those beginning of the week blues away - I give you, Karl Urban!


  1. At first I was like 'Who the cra- .. wait.. he looks.. familiar.. Its them eyes.. totally the eyes. Who the hell is that?'

    So I looked him up. And then I saw he played Eomer in Lord of the Rings. I had to go look that up and investigate more.

    I confess to a moment of 'omg O_O...'

  2. lol. He was also Bones on the Star Trek reboot, and he was in Xena and Hercules as Cupid and Ceaser, and he was a whole bunch of other people too! But the movie I fell in love with him in was definitely LotR as Eomer /drool

  3. and in Pathfinder.. dlfkjla;skdjf; aslkj <33333