Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WiP Wednesday the Fourth

It's been a week since my friend passed away, and let me tell you, it's been tough. Thankfully I've had my knitting to keep me busy and take my mind off of things.

So I frogged the Gryffindor scarf last week and promptly started on trying to knit it in the round. However, between me being such a newb to knitting, and the needles not being the best quality, the yarn kept getting snagged and then the stitches would get twisted and... *insert frustrated sigh here*. When I finally dropped a couple of stitches I went ahead and frogged the new scarf too. I started a K1P1 version, but the needles were a bit too large and it wasn't looking the way I wanted to, so the scarf was frogged for a third time. I eventually started another K1P1 scarf on smaller needles, but ended up not liking that one any better. The scarf was frogged yet again.

Then on Saturday I decided to give the other circular needles I had a try. I had ordered from the same company as the first pair but a close inspection revealed that the plastic joined to the bamboo a little more neatly, so there was nothing for the yarn to snag on this time. To my surprise, I was able to get the first 5 rows done without any issues - and I've realized that once you get those first couple of rows done, you're pretty safe from screwing up, except if you drop a stitch - and now it's three days later and I'm halfway through the first yellow stripe!

In between knitting I also ended up stuffing wedding invitations into envelopes. Fed Ex Copy and Print did a fabulous job on the actual invitations; not only where they perfect, but they got them done quickly too! Less than a day! Fed Ex also proved to be a life saver; I had bought a bunch of flat cards intending to print the response cards at home. At the last moment, my printer decided that it didn't like the cards and refused to print them. So I went to the Fed Ex website, uploaded the design, told them what size I wanted the cards to be, and by that evening they had printed them! Seriously, I cannot sing these guys enough praises right now.

Unfortunately I haven't had time to take pictures of them yet, but I swear I will have it by next week. Oh, and I might actually have something for FO Friday!

How are your projects going?

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  1. sorry to hear about your loss!
    when is the big day?

  2. Thank you.

    The big day will be August 27th... so just a little over 3 months away. Eeep!

  3. There's definitely a learning curve to knitting, and especially things like knitting in the round. But you definitely seem to be ahead of the curve -- even with your little "stumbles". It took me a shamefully long time to be brave enough to frog my projects.

    You should be proud of your progress. Your knitting is looking faboo and you seem to be pretty quick, too!

    Looking forward to the possibility of seeing something awesome here on Friday. :)

    Hey, I hope you're holding up OK. I really hope we can hang out a little bit on Sunday, too.

  4. The frogging sometimes is necessary, but it is never fun, hope the new effort continues as nicely as it's looking in the picture.

  5. @ Contessa - Thank you! I'm glad I was finally able to get it figured out, and since it's just the knit stitch, it's repetitive enough that I'm actually able to knit in between calls.As for FO friday, I can tell you it won't be the cowl - I apparently lost the next skein of yarn for it during the move :P

    I'm doing okay for the most part. It's tough and I have my moments, especially now that it's finally beginning to sink in that she's gone.

    I really hope I get to see you guys out at Faire on Sunday. I imagine we'll probably make it out there around 12 :P

  6. @Sandy - Thank you for the compliments! I had one issue with it since I posted, where I dropped a stitch, but I was able to catch it, and you really can't tell what happened :)

    Seriously, I'm jealous of my coworker right now - this is going to be such an awesome scarf when it's finished!

  7. I am so so sorry to hear about your friend! She was way too young and a hockey fan no less. The hockey gods will take care of her. :)

    The scarf looks great and I applaud you for continuing after all the frogging. If you want great needles, try Knit Picks Harmony interchangeable. Once you try them, you'll never go back! I have the Try It set and then a few different sizes here and there, but am saving up for the whole set.

  8. @Tami - Thank you for the condolences. I'd like to think that's up there chasing around some of the hockey greats right now, and they're pleading with God to send them to purgatory so they can escape.

    Oh God. Knit Picks! Must resist looking at the site or else I'll buy tons of stuff I don't have room for!!!!