Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WIP Wednesday the second

I don't have as much progress to report as I would like; HTB and I are still in the process of unpacking from our move, and then Sunday we went out to visit the So Cal Renaissance Faire out at Santa Fe Dam (and if you've ever gone to faire you know how exhausting that is!) And the past couple of days I've been distracted by writing, so not as much knitting or crocheting went on this week. 

I ended up scrapping my hat. I needed the needles to work on HTB's Slytherin scarf, and, honestly, I wasn't entirely happy with how the ribbing was turning out anyways - I mean, how did they expected that to fit over my head?!? I know it's ribbed, so it stretches, but still!

I have started the next yellow stripe on my coworker's Gryffindor scarf - which is feeling a bit tedious now because I'm not knitting it, I'm tunisian crocheting it. Knitting, to me, seems to go by faster, and I'm beginning to wonder why I didn't try to learn how to knit earlier so I could knit this scarf instead of crocheting it. However, I'm too far in to begin again.

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of that to show you, but I do have pictures of HTB's Slytherin scarf:

It's a bit bigger now since I took this picture - I'm thisclose to starting the first grey stripe. 

How are your projects going?


  1. I've only tried Tunisian crochet in tiny swatches, but I can see how it would get tedious! I hope the rest of the scarf goes by quickly.

    Also, can we trade distractions? I've been distracted utterly from writing by making crafty stuff for weeks, and yikes, there's writing I really need to do. :|

  2. *bottles up her writing itch and passes it on to Kathleen*

    Did that work?

  3. I can totally attest to how faire can take it out of you. (We went for like four or five hours and I was out of commission for *everything* for just about a full week!)

    Seems like the writing bug is going around. . . I've actually been working on the Story-What-Won't-Die(aftertenplusyearsforgodssake!) so I've been purposefully trying to partition my time. Right now it's been about knitting after my Octopus/crochet craze.

    I'm sorry to hear you scrapped the hat. Don't give up on doing them, though. Hats became a total obsession for me once I successfully completed my first one.
    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who does a WIP Weds update and then does a bunch more on the project. . . I completely finished the mystery project AND started a new garment since my post this morning. I am making good with promises I made myself! *trying to wait until Friday's post before mentioning anything about them* :p

  4. I feel your pain with the Tunisian crochet. I have a blanket in process that I haven't touched in forever because it's just so slow. Well, and then I also learned how to knit too. LOL

    YAY for the writing itch. I've been so focused on my store the past few weeks, I haven't the time to sit and write right now unfortunately. :(

  5. @ Contessa - you know me, I'm always plugging away on something writing related, but the two stories that I normally work on were giving me such a hard time up until Friday and then it was like *Kablamo* Here you go! Which is nice because I haven't updated either of them online in over a month. I think the natives were starting to get restless :P

    Yeah, the had just wasn't working. They wanted me to start off on smaller needles and then switch to larger needles. I think I may just knit it in the round on larger needles from the get go :P

  6. @ Tami And here I thought that Tunisian Crochet was the fastest and easiest when I first learned it :P