Monday, May 16, 2011

Meatlocker Monday

In honor of my friend who passed away last week (who was, among many things, a HUGE hockey fan) I am going to share a few of the hockey players who she loved, adored, crushed on, or loved-to-hate and hated-to-love.

(Stanislav Chistov - the Russian who knew English a lot better than he let on and Steph's first hockey player obsession)

(Joffrey Lupul - the second ever player that Steph ever liked but also hated on some level, it's a hard obsession to explain)

(Rick Dipietro - I still don't know why she liked him since she was a diehard ducks fan... but somehow she found out about him and a crush was born. Such a big crush that she was upset when she went to DC and bought tickets a Islanders/Capitals game only to find out that he was injured)

I should add that this is probably the weirdest memorial for someone that anyone has ever seen, but if you knew Steph, you'd understand :P