Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WIP Wednesday the Sixth...

Honestly, I lost count there for a second. I think that's a sign I need to find a different way of naming WIP Wednesdays...

Anywho, this week saw a problem with the Gryffindor scarf I am knitting for a friend. Since I was using the yarn I had frogged from another scarf, I ran into an area where the yarn had kinda snapped... but not all the way. At least that's what I think happened because all of a sudden there was a spot where the yarn was very thin and had a bit of a fluffy halo around it before going back to normal. I've had yarn snap on me before when I was frogging a project, especially when it's a project I've crocheted, and, if you'll remember, this was originally a tunisian crochet scarf, so I suspect that's how I got this thin spot.

The easy way to fix it is just to cut the thin spot out of the yarn, and then tie it back in while I was knitting like I was starting a new skein of yarn or a new color. But I ran into this thin spot at work, and I had left my scissors at home. I could have probably asked a supervisor or a coworker for a pair of scissors, but I just didn't want to deal with the questions it would have raised (IE 'why are you knitting when you are supposed to be taking calls?' Answer: Well the phones are dead, so what else am I supposed to do?) So I decided to just tie the normal yarn together around the thin spot, thus skipping it when I resumed knitting. As a result, there is now a big loop on the inside of the scarf (which, no one will see, so who cares!) and the stitches on the outside of the scarf in that area are a little wonky, but it's not noticeable unless you are actually looking for it.

(You can kinda see the loop I was talking about in the above picture)

(And that bigger than normal stitch is what the outside of that 'problem' area looks like)

See, I told you it wasn't exactly noticeable.

HTB's Slytherin scarf is coming along slowly but surely. I think it has to do with the fact that's its 1x1 so it takes a minute to switch the yarn from front to back and vice versa in between knit and purl stitches. Whereas the Gryffindor scarf is just so much faster because it's all knit stitch all the time.

I found the missing skein of yarn for my cowl last night while I was looking for my copy of A Game of Thrones, so I'll actually be able to finish that now, and I might actually have it finished in time for Friday. Whoo-hoo!


  1. Ugh for randomly-thinned yarn (which I've had happen with frogged stuff, too), but yay for gorgeous-anyway scarves, and for finding lost yarn! My house is a small study in chaos theory, so there's always a lot of yarn losing-and-finding going on.

  2. The scarves are looking great. You can barely notice the problem area.

  3. It looks like you solved the problem, but if your using wool don't forget you can always do a little spit felting on those loose spots. I just finished Game of Thrones, and I'm looking forward to the next one in the series!

  4. Both are looking great! I agree, no one will notice the little area with the bigger stitch unless they're looking for it.