Thursday, June 9, 2011

Well boo...

The victorian/civil war era chemise is done, and apparently I should have made a size 20 instead of a size 16 because it just feels small everywhere (Normal clothing sizes run larger than pattern sizes) It still fits though, but I can't lift my arms very high above my head. I made some mistakes in my push to get it done ASAP, but they're nothing too noticeable, and honestly, if I ever wear this thing again, it'll be under a dress so no one will notice. Plus, I like those little imperfections.

In addition to finishing my chemise, my boots arrived today - both pairs, the ones I really love and the back ups. Neither pairs are made for larger sized calves though (I could only get them zipped up to the ankles.( /fail) Thankfully I still have my spats  that I made from when I worked Halloween Haunt, and those fit fabulously over a pair of black mary janes shoes that I have. Awesome!

HTB is worried that I'll sprain an ankle running around calico in the mary janes because they have a little bit of a heel. Funny thing is that the heel on the new boots were much higher than the heel on my mary janes. I promised him that I would wear flip flops in between shots.

Now to just find some fish nets to wear...

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