Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday the Forty Sixth...

I haven't made much progress on any of my projects this week. My husband got himself a new job (woot!) but that means he's had to adjust to a new schedule that is earlier than what he was used to and a completely new atmosphere. As a result he's had a really tough time the past couple of days, and he got sick on top of that, so I've been more concerned with making sure he's okay than knitting or sewing. He's doing much better now; the illness has passed and he had a nice chat with his bosses, though I still want to smack one of them upside the head.

I haven't done any sewing like I planned. The sewing machine and other stuff is still tucked away in the Harry Potter Closet. We are planning our spring cleaning this weekend though so maybe I'll finally be able to pull it out.

There hasn't been any progress on the baby blanket either since we weren't at home very much this weekend due to the holiday.

However, I did manage to get a couple of rows done on the scarf today though. And I had an epiphany which changes things in one of my stories, plus I had another idea for yet another story.

Hopefully your weeks have been more productive than mine!

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