Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday the Forty Ninth...

Another week of very little progress - but this time because it was such a busy week! Friday we spent time with friends, and then on Saturday the husband and I drove out to Hemet, CA for his Great Aunt's 90th birthday! We also finally saw The Hunger Games! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! It was just as good as I was expecting! The husband was even impressed with it! (I think he was afraid it would turn out to be like Twilight or something...)

The scarf is a few rows longer - nothing really exciting to take a picture of though. The baby blanket is also a few rows longer. It's been awhile since I've posted a picture of it on here - look at how big it's gotten!

(If Connor or Murphy were to stretch out next to the blanket, they would be as long as it is)

Now that I see it laid out, I am thinking one more repeat should do it. Then it'll be a nice big square. Well... a big square with a zig zag top and bottom...

No sewing update this week. My husband pulled out the sewing stuff for me this weekend, and I went to cut out fabric only to discover that he had thrown away the patterns I had made off of the duct tape pattern. I was not a happy camper. While I could cut the fabric out based on the duct tape patterns alone, I like to make changes to the pattern - like straightening out the sides so it's more period, and extending the front point a bit because it just looks better to me that way - so it looks like I'll be tracing those out tonight or tomorrow if I'm not completely exhausted when I get home. 

I've been walking a lot more recently - once in the morning and then again in the evening - so I've been waking up when my husband leaves for work. I wanted to loose weight for my wedding, and I succeeded some, but now a close friend is getting married in HAWAII next year, and we're trying to have a baby, so I've become much more driven to shed those extra pounds. So far the extra walk seems to be helping a bit!


  1. My husband threw away one of my vintage sewing pattern envelops with the instructions in it once. I had all the pattern pieces cut but no idea how to put them together. He felt so terrible, he tracked an identical version down and ordered it for me. LOL. Sounds like you might have a bit more work than I did to finish my discarded pattern. Hope you have an easy time recreating it.

  2. I adore that pattern! It looks stunning