Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday the Forty Fifth...

I've started on what you could call the third color repeat of the scarf. I think I have one, maybe two more, before the scarf is done.

I'm not even done with this project and I am already plotting my next knitting project. I was going to make a Ravenclaw scarf for myself, but the powers that be at work have decided to turn the air conditioning on full blast recently so I spend a lot of time sitting on my hands to prevent then from freezing solid! I think a pair of fingerless gloves are in order!

The baby blanket is still progressing slowly but surely. I am determined to have this done by the kiddo's first birthday. I've learned a lesson from this baby blanket: the next time a pattern says baby blanket size is only so many stitches - follow the pattern! Don't think to yourself, oh, I'll make it a bit bigger because that seems too small. Well, by the time I'm done with this blanket, it'll be a decent sized blanket and will probably last till the kiddo is a teenager. 

I also have not started cutting out the fabric for my new bodice yet. I meant to. I really really did. Unfortunately I had to work on Saturday, so by the time I got home I was too exhausted to want to even look at my sewing stuff. I did cut out the pattern on Sunday (with the 'help' of the cats) but I didn't get around to cutting out the fabric. 

Today I decided I would definitely cut out the fabric and start piecing things together. Then I realized that my sewing stuff is in the Harry Potter closet we have (yes, our apartment came with a 'room' under the stairs!) and there was a bunch of stuff blocking the door. 

(this is a fraction of the stuff sitting in the corner)

I moved the stuff aside and found that the closet was just as packed as I remembered - except now there's a couple of boxes full of comic books and God knows what else in front of my sewing stuff. 


I think I'll go through it tomorrow when the Husband is home to distract the cats. 


  1. haha yep, I get the 'it's all too hard excuse'. Love the scarf, great colours!

  2. When it comes to our Harry Potter Closet it really is too hard to think about sometimes! It's filled with the boxes we didn't unpack from the move (it's been over a year since we moved, but there's always those one or two boxes that never really get unpacked) some of our camping stuff, my sewing gear, and now the wedding gifts we just don't have room to put out (like a set of Tiffany bowls) so it's pretty packed. Someday we'll go through it all... maybe when we buy a house lol...

  3. Ugh indeed. I love the Harry
    Potter closet. I want to buy an old house just so I can have one. Unfortunately in my area, the stairs are often over another set of stairs to the basement so no closet but awesome pantries.

    I too have made baby blankets bigger and in the middle of the project wonder what I was thinking. Keep at it and it will get done!

  4. WHAT! Harry Potter Closet!?! That's a pretty fantastic selling point! I'm eager to see what you're sewing! I've been bit by the sewing bug pretty hard and it's taking up some of the time I typically dedicate towards knitting. It's ironic that warm weather increases your need for fingerless mitts! People get crazy with air conditioning!