Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sneaking In Under the Wire...

Consider this a sort of Miscellaneous Monday and Meatlocker Monday post.

HTB is a big wrestling fan. As he calls it, it's his dirty little secret. Then HTB and I moved in together, and there was no way for me to escape it. At first I thought it was stupid. The story lines were cheesy and the outcomes of the matches were clearly predetermined. Oh, and they were obviously choreographed too.

But then I began to slowly pay attention to what was going on. Yes, the story lines were cheesy, but they were cheesy in that fun way and the wrestlers themselves portrayed these characters that were so over the top - sort of like the characters I play when I work at the Renaissance Faire or Halloween Haunt. From that moment on I was hooked.

Then, I found out that Summerslam was going to be at the LA Staples Center again this year, and since the Staples Center is only a hop skip and a jump away from our house, HTB and I bought tickets. We figured it would be a nice break away from the wedding planning drama. Then I found out that some of our favorite wrestlers would be there (okay, my favorite wrestlers) and so we ended up purchasing tickets for Fan Axxess as well.

We got there nice and early, but we didn't really want to meet any of the wrestlers available for signings, so HTB and I stuck around the one ring that they had set up and watched a match between Justin Gabriel and someone else. Justin won.

Afterwards, Sheamus had a Q & A session, which started off with a fake Sheamus coming out to his theme song.

(He claimed he had shrunk because of the hot California sun)

Then the real Sheamus came out:

(He introduced Fake Sheamus as his twin Larry and said that it was like that movie - he was Arnold and Larry was Danny De Vito)

(Can we tell that he's my favorite?)

Sadly Sheamus had done his signings the day before, so I did not get a chance to meet him. 

After watching the Q & A session, HTB and I wandered around some more and got our picture taken with Hornswoggle (Who is a very lovely guy) and then watched the next demo match with Drew Mcintyre.

And then it was off to wait to be let into the Staples Center for Summerslam itself!

Wade Barrett had a match against Daniel Bryan:

Then Edge showed up for Christian's match against Randy Orton:

Basically, Edge called his buddy Christian an idiot for his behavior over the past couple of weeks. Christian didn't listen and tried to run off with the belt, but Randy Orton dragged him back, and the remainder of the match was pretty brutal. Randy won that match:

Then it was time for CM Punk versus John Cena:

I didn't get very many pictures of that match. I was on the edge of my seat the whole entire time, but let me tell you, some of the faces both wrestlers were making were pretty hilarious! In then end, CM Punk won:

And then everything went to hell in a handbasket. Kevin Nash jumped up out of nowhere and attacked CM Punk, and then Alberto Del Rio turned in his briefcase that he won at a previous event for a chance at the championship. He won and took the title away from CM Punk.

Eventually HTB and I headed home, and promptly discovered out how sun burned we were. Needless to say, our skin is not really happy with us, and aloe vera has become our best friends.

But hey, it was a lot of fun, and HTB and I are already making plans for next year :)

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