Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WIP Wednesday the Fifteenth

I've made a bit of progress this week. I finished the most recent grey stripe, and I'm almost done with the next green stripe. After this it's 6 more green stripes, and only 5 more grey stripes, and roughly 3 weeks until the honeymoon. I think I can make it by then if I keep plugging away :)

On other fronts I have been writing a little more this week - though it's nothing I really feel comfortable posting here yet...


  1. Lovely! The green and gray look fantastic together.

  2. This scarf is so pretty, and I hope that maybe some House Elves will help you get it done by your deadline. ;)

    (Also, "writing a little more" is an awesome WIP, go you!)

  3. You are making great progress. It is looking warm and cozy already.

  4. I like the stripes. Even though I'm not always partial to those colors, your combo is really striking.

  5. Three weeks! How exciting! I'm not sure I'd be able to focus on knitting a scarf!

  6. Nice combo!!Looks great so far!!

  7. @ nothingbutknit2 - Thanks! I really love this color of green, I have a couple of skirts in the same shade, actually :)

    @ Kathleen - Sadly, there are no house elves at our apartment to help, but the boys like to think they are helping by laying on my chest/neck/face lol. And yes, writing a little more is always good, now if I could just stick with one story long enough to finish a chapter I'd be happy.

    @ Autumngeisha - It's actually pretty thick, and since I'm using Telemark from Knit Picks, it ought to be pretty warm too!

    @ Underground Crafter - Thank you :)

    @ Minding My Own Stitches - We have a lot of the wedding stuff taken care of, so right now we're pretty much just sitting around, waiting for it all to come together on the big day, y'know? The knitting is actually helping keep me calm and out of trouble :)

    @ Saritha - thanks!