Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WIP Wednesday the Eighteenth...

This will be my last blog update before the wedding and our Honeymoon to Ireland.

Sadly I didn't get as much done on the scarf this week as I wanted to:

I've only made two stripes worth of progress. I'm hoping I can catch up today and tomorrow, I don't know how well I'll knit after then, because I'm getting my nails done for the wedding, so knitting may be impossible for me, or it may be easier. Who knows!

I did find out that I can knit on the plane! Woo-Hoo! But I'm not understanding the restrictions they have on scissors. It says says that scissors with blades under four inches long are okay, but yet, thread cutters with and enclosed blade aren't? I would think that those would be safer than scissors. Or maybe I'm not understanding what they're talking about. Maybe I'll just buy a pair of collapsible scissors and if they get on me, I can just toss them. Or I can just carry my yarn along the outside of the project and trim it when I land. I can imagine how well that will go over:

HTB: Honey, look at that castle! Look at how green everything is!
Me: Uh-huh, now where's some scissors, I need to finish this thing!
HTB: *insert dirty look here*

And then I would never hear the end of it for the rest of my life:

HTB: Honey, remember that trip to Ireland, where you ignored everything
because you were too busy looking for scissors?
Me: *insert dirty look here*

I kid of course; neither HTB and I are that bad. 

On other fronts, I had a GREAT idea for the favor bags for the wedding last week. Since they're a bit plane I wanted to spruce them up by stenciling a copy of the celtic knot we're using on our invites onto the bags. Sadly it didn't work out; the design was too small, the paper too thin, and the fabric paint got over everything. See:

I know of ways to fix it, but sadly, my printer is not cooperating and my hands aren't steady enough to try to enlarge the design the old school way with graph paper, and there simply isn't enough time. So the idea has been scrapped. I'm not shedding any tears over it though, because, in my opinion, people will care more about what's in the bags than whats on them - right?

Okay time to run some errands before I can knit knit knit some more!


  1. ah lovely colours hun, have a fabulous wedding and a awesome honeymoon x

  2. Congratulations :-).

    If you just need scissors to trim yarn, fingernail clippers do the trick for me.

  3. best wishes for a lovely wedding day! I'm trying not to be jealous about the ireland trip :-)

  4. I don't think you should plan to knit with freshly manicured nails! What if the polish chips? And what if that's visible in a photo? Ack!

    I've taken blunt children's craft scissors on flights. But I think what passes depends on the screener.