Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIP Wednesday the Seventeenth...

First off, Summerslam pictures are over that away if you want to ogle some wrestling goodness :)

Secondly, I didn't get as much I wanted to done to the scarf this week because of 1) Summerslam and 2) wedding stuff - but I'm currently at the half way point so that's good. I have 5 more green stripes and 4 more grey stripes (not counting the one I'm currently one) before the scarf is officially finished. I'm thinking if I continue to press myself to do at least 12 rows a day (each stripe is 24 rows long... or would that be wide?) I should be done in time.

I hope.

(Here I am just getting started on the grey stripe)

(And here I am halfway through the grey stripe! The official halfway point of the scarf! Woo-hoo!)

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  1. Yippee! Halfway! And if you're like me you'll count down the percentages every couple of rows :) There is something very soothing about those nice even stripes, isn't there?

  2. I do the same thing "12 rows a day and it'll be finished is x number of days", then I try and do a couple of extra some days to make it even quicker!

    Love the colours, that green is gorgeous.

  3. Wow those are tiny needles...I would need to work only during daylight hours with something that small. Love the colors.