Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WIP Wednesday the Nineteenth...

First, some pictures of our wedding and the explanation of why the Husband and I are still in the US and not somewhere in Ireland can be found here. To make a long story short, our flight was cancelled due to Hurricane Irene. We were able to get 'reaccommodated' on a new flight that leaves Friday - so, we still get to have a honeymoon, even if it's four days shorter than we originally planned, and we won't get to see Shannon or Belfast.

Unfortunately I didn't finish the Husband's scarf in time for the old flight, however, since we now have time to kill until our new flight takes off, I've started to plug away at it again. In two days I've managed to finish two stripes and start on the seventh green stripe - which is quite an accomplishment considering that I've never knitted with acrylic nails before! You have no idea how hard it is to do normal tasks like opening a soda can, typing this blog up, or picking up change, so I thought knitting would be almost impossible. Thankfully it isn't.

(From a couple of hours ago)

(One last call to Continental and three Episodes of Season Three of Sons of Anarchy later...)

Anywho, this time next week I should be posting from Ireland! For reals this time!


  1. Looking good :) And well done for the acrylic nails knitting - I don't wear them anymore because I can't do anything at all with them on, never tried knitting though!

  2. Sorry you are going to get less time in Ireland. I hope you short stay will be jam packed with fun to compensate.

  3. Many congratulations!!! That stupid hurricane messed up a lot of people - so sorry to hear you have to shorten your honeymoon. :( Love your nails - they look great and you will get used to them! Almost forgot - scarf looks great - post pics of him wearing it!! ;-D

  4. Have a wonderful trip! It's a shame about the four days :( But, post lots of pictures for us!!

  5. Your scarf is nice and slytherin-y. I dig it!

  6. I'm so sorry about your honeymoon :-(. You look gorgeous in the pics. Hope you have a great time in Ireland xxx

  7. Good luck on your 2nd attempt to have a honeymoon!!! The scarf will get done, just keep plugging away.

  8. LOVE the colours of your scarf. Such a shame about your plans being changed - but better safe than sorry :)

    Enjoy your honeymoon x

  9. Apparently Irene and the scarf were conspiring together to keep you grounded and busy knitting!

    Sorry to hear about the delays and the abbreviated honeymoon. That sucks! Hopefully the rest of the trip is so fantastic that it makes up for it!

  10. The scarf looks great. Hope you finish when you planned to.

    I used to have acrylic nails until I got a fungus infection. My nails just grow very long on their own now. I find it hard to do things when they decide to break.

  11. @pinkundine - Thank you! I'm getting so annoyed at having them on that I'm going to get them removed today though. Next time I'll get what the nail place calls 'cal-gel' which appears to be a lot thinner and just covers your natural nail.

    @Stitched Together - Well, a good thing about this is that we'll be able to see more of England now. Before we were just going to go as far South as Hadrian's Wall and Alnwick Castle, but now, we'll be landing in Dublin and taking the ferry over to Wales and then up to Glasgow.

    @Witchyknits4ewe - Thank you! We definitely plan to take pictures of him in it as soon as it's done. Maybe that can be a very special FO post next week.

    @whendidibecomeaknitter - We plan on it :D

    @Calophi - Thank you!

    @CraftyClare - Thank you!

    @ChrisKnits - Thanks! We will make it this time, come hell or high water!

    @Sarah - Yes, but it's still a frustrating situation that I'm going to be sore about for awhile. Other than that, thank you, we plan on enjoying every minute of it.

    @Minding My Own Stitches - Ha! I didn't think of that. Silly Scarf, I can't ground the Hurricane, but I can ground you! At least until I get my nails removed :P

    @Denise - Thank you! At the salon we went to they do both acrylic (which they call sculptured) nails and something called cal gel, which just covers your natural nail. Maybe you could look into something like to help prevent your nails from breaking?

  12. Congratulations on your wedding :-)

    How disappointing the trip delay must be! I hope you will get there easily on Friday & that every minute of your time in ireland will be lovely. perhaps there will be yarn souvenirs?

  13. Beautiful pictures from your wedding. You had a gorgeous day. Your nails looked fab, but I agree they are a pain to deal with. Have a great trip to Ireland.

  14. love the scarf the colors are beautiful!!!

    oh & thanks for the comment, screw my purse, i'm jealous you are going to ireland!!!! have a great time & congrats on the wedding, your pics are great & you looked so beautiful! :o)