Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Blog...

Once upon a time I had two blogs. One for writing and one for knitting. This lasted for a few months until work got busy, and then I was loaned over to IT. Slowly both blogs became neglected, the posts coming fewer and farther apart. As a result, I have decided to close one of the blogs and do all my posting (writing, knitting, sewing, music and meatlocker Mondays) on the other one. As this blog has been around longer, has more posts, and more readers, it has won out over the other blog and gets to stay.

To reflect the fact that this now a writing and a craft blog I have changed the title and the url, added some gadgets to the side, and imported some posts from my writing blog - so now everything is in one place!

Here's to more posts and adventures in 2013!

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