Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday the Seventy First

I have finished another blue stripe on the scarf and I've started on a new orange stripe. I believe there's twelve more stripes to go before the scarf is finished - though that could change. Even though the pattern for the Harry Potter scarf knits up pretty long, when they're done they almost look as if they should be longer. The one I made for my husband almost looks like it's too short. I like nice long thick scarves, so I'll be adjusting mine accordingly - and possibly making a new one for the husband eventually.

If it seems like all I ever knit is scarves, I apologize. I do have other patterns I want to try, but I never really have the time to work on them, or there may be something going on in the background that's distracting - like hockey. I know I could turn it off, or go upstairs away from the TV, but I don't want to miss any game in this season since it'll be such a short one. Though, in all honesty, the Kings haven't been doing so great so far. The season is only just beginning, so hopefully they can get their act together quickly.

I made a little progress on TUO. I just finished another flashback scene, and I hope I'm not being too obvious about who a certain character really is. Now the main character gets to do a bit of sleuthing around the castle before I finally let her run into the King - which was originally going to happen later in the book, so I forsee some cutting and pasting in my future. 

The other story I'm working on is being stubborn. I think it's because I just don't know the characters well enough yet and they're being elusive. I believe once I finally hammer them and their back stories out, everything else will fall into place. I also think I may be trying to move the story along a little too fast so that the leads can bump into each other as quickly as possible and get down to business as quickly as possible, because, honestly, that's when the fun begins. 

The update for the long forgotten fanfic is coming along quite nicely though. I've managed to write 3000 words since Monday, however it feels like I'm just repeating myself in some of the scenes, and the male lead is beginning to sound a bit like a combination of Thorin from The Hobbit film, and John Thorton from North and South (I'm a bit infatuated with Richard Armitage at the moment). It's not a bad thing as the character in the fanfic is a bit stiff and easy to anger (he doesn't put up with idiots) just like Thorin and Thorton, but it's interesting to see how other media influences our writing sometimes. 

The husband and I are going for another adventure on Saturday! This time we'll be heading up to the Malibu Creek State Park. In another life it used to be the old Fox Movie Ranch, and there's a trail that takes you to the old MASH set. Sadly there isn't as much left as there was out at Paramount Ranch, but there's a sign post like the one they had in the TV Show, and a couple of old trucks, and it'll be really good exercise. So, be sure to check back for pictures on Sunday!

Until later!

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  1. You seem to be doing well tho' well done - I used to watch Mash avidly years ago - if I could afford to buy the whole series I would. would be intersting to see the place.

    Can you not have them meet at the beginning of book - say 1 page and then go back to story or is it not like that? just asking - I have read some books like that - or do as I do and write the scene when they meet get it out of your system and go back to chronological - I never write in straight line - write the scenes that are wanting to get out - that way you don't hurry through the others to get somewhere - just a thought - anyway all the best for this week:)