Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WIP Wednesday the Sixty Ninth

The great thing about knitting is that even if you're working on a huge project, you can see some sort of progress. Right now I'm currently on stripe 7 of 19. I'm having issues with tension, but overall I really like how it's coming along.

The husband was teasing me that at this rate I'll be done by the time winter is over. I replied with 'well, at least it'll be done by the time we go on our next big trip' and 'this is why the moment I finish this I'll get started on the knitting and crocheting for Christmas.'. I'm planning to make scarfs for some of my cousins (green and white, or red and white, so it's Christmas-y but can be used year round) and I also want to make a blanket for my Mom and possibly my Aunts.

Unlike knitting, or sewing, or crocheting, there really isn't a measure of progress with writing unless you're working on a term paper. Sure you can see how far you've come, but you have no idea how much longer you have to go until you've reached the point where it's done - which can be 5 words from now, 15, 100, or 20,000. It all depends on the story.

This is probably why I get depressed about my writing sometimes and opt to knit instead: yes, I have an outline and so I have a better idea of where I am in the story, but sometimes it feels like it'll never get done.

You can probably tell by this little rant that I haven't made as much progress on TUO this week as I would have liked. I did get a bit written for another story, but as that's a fan fic, it doesn't really count. I also had plenty of ideas for my fun on the side story... which makes me think I should focus on that for now since it seems to be flowing better. I hate to flip flop between stories, but, thankfully, I'm not the only writer who does it - Neil Gaiman and a few others are guilty too! - so I don't feel as bad when I do.

How are your WIPs going?


  1. I understand completely. I have a novel I've been working on for quite a few years...and I get so frustrated with myself that I tend to put it up and turn to knitting instead.

    1. Yes! With writing I often find myself going back and adding more to different scenes or deleting words here and there. At least with a simple knit in the round scarf there's no need to go back and frog unless I've REALLY screwed something up.

      Though, now that I think about it, it is easier to edit something you've written than to frog and redo something you've knitted and crocheted, so maybe I should be writing more and knitting less...