Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday the Thirty Seventh...

For Christmas one of my cousins gave me a gift certificate to Knit Picks (much to my husband's frustration. He feels I have enough yarn already, but he hasn't seen the yarn stashes of some of my friends) Anywho, I had been wanting to knit a Noro Stripe scarf for awhile, but Noro is expensive, so I spent the gift certificate on two skeins of Knit Picks Chroma worsted weight - one in Pool, and one in Northwoods.

Now, I don't know WHY I would do this immediately after finishing two scarves - but rather than work on something different like, I dunno, a hat or a sweater, I decided to go ahead and knit the chroma scarf. On Friday I cast on 45 stitches and started a K1 P1 scarf, slipping the first and last stitch of every other row purl wise. (I have a link to the pattern I'm using - it's based off of brooklyn tweed's pattern, but is a bit simpler to follow and comes with video - however that link is on my other computer which is in the shop)

So far I'm liking the chroma a LOT. It's soooo soft, and while I've used yarn with a bit of color gradient to it like Lion Brand Homespun, I have never used a self striping yarn like this - so it's a lot of fun to see what color will be next and see how it compliments/contrasts with the other colorway.

The scarf is currently a bit longer than this, and it's entered a stretch where the greens were so close in color you couldn't see the stripes depending on the light. One of the yarns is going into a blue stretch soon though so the stripes will begin to show up again in a couple of more rows.

The baby blanket is coming along well too. I hope to have it finished by the end of February baring any more spider incidents (one decided to crawl on me while I was working on it and I may or may not have behaved like the stereotypical housewife by throwing it far far away from me and jumping into a chair until the husband killed it)

I already have the next baby blanket plotted out. I was originally going to do a tartan using the colors of the clan my friend belongs to at Faire, but I think something that's more in tune with the Force is called for considering how obsessed she and her husband are with a certain science fiction series.

I'm also plotting on how to go about making an Elwood Blues amigurumi in my head - the problem I'm running into is the hat he wears. I don't know if I should crochet it, or just buy a doll hat and use that instead. Hmmm.....

Now, I noticed a lot of people commented last post on the stitch marker I was using:

Here's a better picture of it:

I meant to reply back and say who it was made by, but I'm still adjusting to having a job at a 'normal' company with a 'normal' schedule and I forgot! (This is why I also don't comment on other people's blogs much anymore. I use the web at home just long enough to occasionally write a blog and and check my facebook games.) Anywho, the stitch markers were actually made for me by Contessa of  Writing, Yarn, Pucks and Diapers. I know she has an online store where she has sold stitch markers before, but I don't know if she has any available currently since she's been going through a lot of stuff recently and her life is kinda chaotic - but I'm sure if you hit her up she'd be happy to make more when she has time :)

As usual - check out Tami's Amis for more Works in Progress!!!


  1. I made the Noro scarf and enjoyed it so much that I didn't mind ripping it out when the stripes weren't working and cutting it and splicing in a new bit of yarn. I love my scarf so much.

  2. I know I said it before but I love how the chroma stripes up. (Is that a phrase? Well, it is now.) ;)

    It makes me eager to try my own ball. Too bad I just got one. D'oh.

    Thank you so much for providing info on the stitch markers. I do have some on my shop right now (I need to add others)--although none quite like yours. I have an aversion to making duplicates. :p I may have to make a few sets similar if people ask. Things are hectic but I can always find the time to put something together or get something in the mail. :)