Friday, January 27, 2012

Finished Object Friday the Sixth!

 I did it! I finally finished the Gryffindor scarf!

I love how it turned out! In fact I'm already planning on making another one (in Ravenclaw colors though) for myself. For mine I'll probably do another K1P1 like I did with the Slytherin scarf though; knitting in the round is simple and easy, but it uses up SO much arm and takes so long! This scarf alone used six skeins of lion brand! It seemed like the K1P1 scarf went by much quicker and used less yarn (9 skeins, but the Knit Picks skeins were much much smaller than Lion Brand's)

By the time I finished it, the scarf was longer than I was tall! (I meant to get a picture of it, but it totally slipped my mind.) It was also wide enough to fit over my husband's head without any stretching. Sheesh! (Note to self, make it narrower next time...)

Since it was knit in the round it's very thick and warm but I don't know if my former co-worker will get a chance to wear it at all since it's 80 degrees here right now (I apologize to my friends who live in colder climates and are probably thinking 'go ahead, just rub it in!' That is not my intention at all. I actually hate this sudden weather change - not two days ago it was nice and wet and raining and now, it's hot and dry. My sinuses are NOT happy at the moment)

Now, to finish the baby blanket!

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1 comment:

  1. I'm hating this weather too, but you know that.
    Anyway, THOROUGHLY CELEBRATING with you tonight!!!! I was REALLY looking forward to this post. YAY!!

    It does look fantastic. . . so with the Ravenclaw, are you doing another early years or doing the later (like mine)?

    I want to say you're crazy for doing another massive scarf so soon after finishing this one--but I'm not done with mine and I'm already thinking of another. Meanwhile, juggling several other projects. *CRAZY*

    Anyway, YAY!!!