Monday, November 7, 2011

The return of the Meatlocker...

The last Meatlocker Monday post happened in August, and the meatlocker hasn't been updated since, because, well, I kinda ran out of guys.

And then Once Upon a Time started. The concept of the show is that Prince Charming and Snow White got married and had a baby. The Evil Queen couldn't let them live happily ever after, so she cast a spell that made everyone forget who they were and she forced everyone into the Real World - because you know, living in the Real World is SO much worse then living in a land where your stepmother is trying to kill you. Anywho, it turns out that Snow's baby survived and her destiny is to destroy the Evil Queen. It also turns out that she had a child of her own who she had given up for adoption years ago. The kid decides to hunt her down on her 28th birthday and she makes the decision to take him back to Storybrook where he lives with his adoptive mother... who happens to be the Evil Queen.

So far it's been a pretty fun little show.

But, of course, rather than drooling over Prince Charming like any normal girl, I ended up being a bit distracted by the Sheriff instead. He's dark, scruffy, is played by an Irish actor, and I suspect he may be the Big Bad Wolf of Little Red Riding Hood fame. Can you blame me?

Anywho, for your viewing pleasure, here is Mr. Jamie Dornan!

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