Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday the Twenty Seventh...

Yesterday I started on the final gray stripe on the Slytherin Scarf:

I'm only one row in, but still - it's the final gray stripe! That means I'm only two stripes away from being finished! 48 rows! Whoo-hoo!

The Gryffindor will probably be a little while longer. The coworker who I am making it for is going on a mini vacation this weekend to someplace cold, and I'm trying to get it done in time, but I'm afraid I won't. I'm still going to try though!

I already have the next project lined up - a baby blanket I promised to someone in the spring that didn't get made because of the wedding chaos. I'm thinking I might try a rectangular granny square or a granny zig-zag (I have a thing for granny squares and granny square-esque stuff)

I also got caught off guard by a yarn sale at Michaels. I walked in to see if they had any Halloween stuff on sale (they did, but nothing interesting) went to the yarn aisle just to look at stuff and pet the yarn and ended up walking out with 8 skeins of yarn. 

Surprisingly the maker of the yarn is Red Heart! I couldn't believe it the first time I saw it! Normally Red Heart has the worst stuff ever - it just feels so nasty, like it's been treated with something. This new brand of Red Heart, aptly named Red Heart Soft, is so nice and they have some really awesome colors. I can't wait to use it!


  1. I like all the jewel tones of your haul from Michaels! What kind of Red Heart is it? The "Soft" kind is fantastic stuff unlike the usual scratchy Red Heart stuff.

  2. The Red Heart Super Soft is really nice to work with, if that's what you got. The only thing I find is that it's not quite as heavy as the regular RH Supersaver, so you may not want to combine them in any projects.

    Great work on the scarf - you're in the home stretch now!

  3. Woo! Last stripe!

    Your shopping trip sounds like my shopping trips "I'll just pop in for x" and come out with X, Y AND Z!

  4. What type of yarn is it? The colors look very nice.

  5. Red Heart absolutely stunned me with some of their newer "exotic" yarns--which is why I came home with a skein on my last trip to Joann.
    I'm SO excited for you that the scarves are almost done!!!! :D (And naturally, your next planned project is a huge one.) :p

  6. @Dutch Hollow - Crap, I forgot to post that last night. It's Red Heart Soft.

    @Nicole - Yup, it's Red Heart Soft :D

    @Minding my Own Stitches - Thank you! Man oh man I can't wait to be done with this and crochet again! I don't think I'll have to worry about blending the RH supersaver with the RF soft though - I refuse to buy any supersaver because it just feels so nasty to me.

    @Laymon - That's how it always works when I go into a craft store. I tell myself I'm only going to get this, and then I'll walk out with a whole bunch of other stuff. That's why I've been avoiding craft stores lately - so I can save some money!

    @Christine - Thank you!

    @Underground Crafter - It's Red Heart Soft.

  7. I've actually used that recently too. It feels so wrong to be buying RH, but it's actually nice yarn in great colors...and it's cheap!