Monday, November 14, 2011

He's Hell on Wheels alright...

This week's Meatlocker Monday post goes to Anson Mount - star of the new AMC drama Hell on Wheels. Anson plays a former plantation owner who has been tracking down the men involved in his wife's murder (the good type of plantation owner who rarely gets mentioned: he didn't have much land and he had only owned a few slaves - slaves that he had actually freed and was paying for their work prior to the Civil War breaking out) Just when he thinks he found the last one, the man reveals that there's another - and he's a worker for the railroad as well. However, before the old codger can tell Anson's character the name, or give him any other information regarding the guy, he is killed by an African American who is avenging the death of his friend earlier in the day.

It's a rough and tough show like Deadwood, but it's not as pretty as Deadwood and the conversation doesn't flow as well. Despite that, it still looks like it'll be interesting, so we'll be tuning in every week; the husband will watch so he can get his old west fix and I'll watch because, well, Anson Mount is a very handsome gruff man.

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