Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday the Twenty Sixth...

The Slytherin scarf is ALMOST done - just two and a half more stripes to do! I feel rather proud of my proguress considering that I screwed up on the scarf this past week and had to frog about two rows. See, the Gryffindor scarf I'm working on has stripes that are 22 rows long. Since the Slytherin scarf is being knit out of sport weight yarn, I decided to make the stripes 24 rows long. Well, last week I finished a stripe on my Gryffindor scarf, went home, started work on the Slytherin scarf (it's become to big to carry in my purse so it's a strictly at home only project now) and finished a stripe on that. I realized two rows into the next stripe on the Slytherin scarf that I had started the new stripe too early, so I had to go back, frog it, and then tie the old color in, knit in that for a few more rows, and then start the next stripe like I was supposed to do. 

On the writing front I did not get my story done in time to meet my personal deadline. I ended up getting pretty nasty writers block, and then, because that's how it ALWAYS works, I ended up getting ideas for other stories while I was trying to finish the first story, which just messed with the flow of things. I am sure my muses, whoever they may be, are laughing at my suffering right now. However, by missing the deadline that means I now have more time to 1) finish the short story 2) get beta readers for it 3) edit it and 4) design a cover and publish it. So, I guess it all works out in the end. 

Let me tell you, all these ideas make me look forward to the day when I can just stay home and write as much as I want every day without any interruptions (like having to get back on the phones after work)


  1. That scarf is starting to look like an epic odyssey -- it's going to be fab, though! Sorry to hear about the writer's block. It happens to the best of us. And good for you for lining up time for proofing and editing, as an editor I can tell you most writers don't bother. Good luck!

  2. Thank you! It's surprising how writers don't take the time to get the opinions of others on their stories. I understand that they may be shy (It took me a couple of years to get past that) but those other people can give them very valuable input! And then there's the amount of people who don't know how to use spell check or grammar check! Oi!

  3. I dream of being able to stay home and write, I have my writer's room all planned out in my head ;) Not that I have written anything of note, but it is my plan!

  4. @ Pinkundine - Me too. I have a dream that I'm able to make a decent amount of money, enough to buy a piece of land and build my own house. There's actually a plan that I have picked out that has a third floor loft/den. It's a tiny little room, just big enough for a desk and some bookshelves and maybe a window seat - that would be my writing room. I'd have all my favorite books up there, and a cork board so I can pin up ideas and mess with outlines... /sighs happily