Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday the First...

Tami's Amis does something on her blog called Work in Progress Wednesday and, like the lemming that I sometimes am, I have decided to join in.

Yesterday I was finally able to get more Lion Brand yarn for the Harry Potter Scarf I am making for a coworker, and I was able to make a bit of progress on it. In fact, it's grown quite a lot since I last showed it off:

There hasn't been any progress on my hat because I realized that we're only 4 months away from our trip to Ireland, and HTB really wants to have a Slytherin scarf by then, so the hat has been put aside in favor of yet another scarf. However, I haven't cast on yet because I'm still torn between using the pattern available on The Leaky Cauldron, or if I want to actually buy the Charmed Knits book. A friend loaned me a copy, which I then passed on to another friend with her permission. I could ask for it back, but I know my friend needs it as much as I do, and frankly, I'd just really like to have my own copy to dog ear, y'know? Also, the yarn that I have for that project is sport weight Telemark from Knit Picks (which is really nice BTW) but the pattern calls for worsted weight, and suggests Cascade 220 specifically.. and I noticed yesterday that WEBS is having a sale on Cascade 220... hmmm.... but I think HTB might have a conniption if I buy any more yarn, so I may have to start with the Telemark and just see how it goes. 

How are your projects going?


  1. Your stitches look amazingly consistent, can I just say that??

    Seems like everyone's keeping you quite busy with requests -- in addition to being a bride-to-be! How do you stay sane?!

    And since you asked. . . I actually BO my mom's scarf since I posted my WIP Wednesday blog entry. . . The tedious chore of fringing lays ahead of me. :-\

  2. A lot of the projects are my own fault for going, oh, you're having a baby? Here. Let me make you this! Or, you've never had anyone make you a scarf? Done! I really don't mind though - it's actually helping me stay sane and taking my mind off of the wedding stuff :)

  3. I've been in a Harry Potter crafting kind of mood lately (I made a crocheted snitch the other night), so just looking at this scarf makes me happy! (And now I'm perusing the selection of Cascade 220 at Webs, oh no. So many colourssss...)

  4. I haven't tried to make a snitch yet, though I should - I have more than enough yellow left over from the first baby blanket I made... hmmm...

    In regards to the Cascade yarn. I think I have to get some. Who knows how much longer that sale will last, right?

  5. Just to enable you, the snitch pattern I used is here. Basic, fast, fun. I think I'm going to adapt it to make one that opens and closes next.

    And thanks for liking my octopus! The octopus pattern is a a random google find that I discovered in June and have made a million times and ways since---the basic tentacles-in-a-ring structure is so adaptable and awesome, I recommend it wholeheartedly. :D

  6. YAY HP!! I'm a huge HP dork. I noticed in your bio that you work in so cal and for a game company. My husband and I work in the game industry in So Cal (or I did until I quit last June). Also, since you're a huge HP fan, have you been to Whimsic Alley in LA? It's across the street from LACMA on Wilshire.

    Oh yeah, your project! LOL, the scarf looks great! I have the Charmed Knits book, but haven't used it yet. I got it crazy cheap at Not sure if they still have it or not though.

  7. @Kathleen - Thank you for the links! I can't wait to try them out :)

    @Tami - Yes! HTB and I went up there for the first time in January, and we had to restrain ourselves from buying everything in the store. We even considered, for a fleeting moment, maybe having our wedding there - and then decided against it for a number of reasons. But as soon as we have a kid and they're old enough to read Harry Potter, that's where their birthday party will be at!

    Sadly didn't have Charmed Knits anymore - but they had a lot of other books I wouldn't mind getting my hands on ;)