Thursday, April 7, 2011

That was not as scary as I thought it would be...

Holding the yarn in my right hand will take some getting used to (when I crochet I hold the yarn in my left hand and the hook in my right) and I'm going to need to get shorter needles (currently the only needles I have are about 10" long... maybe 12", so they're a bit awkward to handle) but that really wasn't too hard to figure out. I have no idea why I was so freaked out and kept putting it off for so long!

Anywho, the bit I was doing was only 20 stitches wide, and alternating rows of knit and purl stitch (3 each) It's not perfect; the tension is a bit funky and some stitches are wider than others (notice the one loop on the left in the picture below) but I'll get better with more practice. 

I have to admit, even though their yarn sucks, Red Heart's How to Knit and How to Crochet books are some of the best out there, and the tutorials available on Knit Picks aren't too shabby either!


  1. So far so good! :) I tried learning to knit with the yarn in my right hand but it never felt right to me. I switched to lefty and -- it turns out -- it made learning to crochet a breeze. Plus, from what I've heard, it's faster to knit with the yarn in the left hand. Seriously, there's no difference in how I hold my yarn between knitting and crocheting. Among other things, it makes going between the two crafts much easier. :) It's an option, anyway. Not that I'm trying to sway you. . . *walks away, whistling*

  2. I think I may just frog what I'm working on (which is really nothing in particular, just a long practice bit to get me used to knitting and purling) tonight and give that a shot.

  3. My experience was that holding the yarn with righty just felt weird, and that was before I learned to crochet. Learning to crochet was kind of like an affirmation that having the yarn in my left hand was the way I need to do it (and I kept thinking I was wrong -- silly me, it was just different from English knitting, which is how our books apparently teach).
    Either way with knitting, it just felt WEIRD at first. Maybe you won't have that experience since you already crochet.
    I just don't want you to give up. Knowing both crafts opens up so many doors and I know you'll enjoy it once the awkward phase is over.
    But hey, you got the cast-on and got many rows in. You're doing far better now than I did for a good long time! :D

  4. Thanks! I don't know if maybe my previous attempts with knitting are helping... but I kinda doubt it since that happened about 17 years ago :P