Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A bit shocked...

A friend was sick last week, and then over the weekend I found out that she was in ICU. I didn't think much of it at the time, because from what I read on her twitter, she was vomiting a lot and had some abdominal pain - which I chalked up to either being the flu or appendicitis. Either way, those suck pretty badly, but I didn't think it was too severe. Then today I find out that she actually has a blood clot in her brain and may be moved to UCLA. (The type of blood clot she has is like, a one in a million type thing too)

Wow. Just. Wow.

Needless to say, she and her family are in my thoughts and prayers right now (though I don't doubt she won't pull through this - she's too crazy and has the weirdest luck not to)


  1. OMG! :( I hope they're able to treat her quickly and effectively. *hugs*

  2. Unfortunately they didn't. Apparently the stroke started on Saturday, but when she went to ER they insisted that it couldn't be a stroke because she was so young. It was finally properly diagnosed on either Sunday or Monday, she told me, but I can't remember which (I'm exhausted right now between this and packing for our move on Friday) Thankfully though, she has the type of stroke where the blood clot is blocking blood from leaving the brain, which is bad, but better than the other type where the blood clot blocks blood from getting to the brain. When I saw her she was pretty much her normal self, and the only sign that anything had happened was the fact that her speech was affected (she couldn't remember some words, or kept saying one thing when she really meant another) It's a serious situation, but I'm positive she'll pull through it with flying colors.

  3. Correction - it turns out after I talked to her, and after she was moved to the new hospital that's better equipped to deal with this stuff, she ended up taking a turn for the worse.

    This. Sucks.

  4. That is really, REALLY unfortunate. :( When I thought I'd had a stroke (I'll tell you about that someday if you want a good laugh), I made sure they followed through and did everything they needed to in order to verify that I was, in fact, perfectly fine. (Yay unnecessary brain radiation!) I did have issues because I was "too young" but I've recently heard about a 5-year-old boy who had a stroke. There's no such thing as "too young." >:(

    Doesn't seem like they treated your friend that way and I'm so sorry to hear she's not getting better yet. If they treat her properly, she should fully recover. . . May just take some time. :\ Treatment and therapy are pretty good now -- I hope she's getting what she needs. *more hugs*

  5. A five year old kid with a stroke?! No bueno!

    Thanks for the hugs! I need them today, and her family needs all the good juju they can get right now.

  6. Yeah -- I think the kid ended up being ok with little to no permanent disability from it, but still, can you imagine? :(

    You and your friend and her family are in my thoughts. I'm sending all the good juju I can!