Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I wasn't planning on blogging much this week since we're in the process of moving. This is what our living room currently looks like:

But given how stressful moving can be and combine that with my friend being in the hospital and not doing as well as I thought she was and I'm beginning to realize that knitting is a good sanity saver. It keeps my hands busy, keeps me from chowing down on snacks that aren't healthy for me, and keeps me from attacking my acne. So, I ripped out the bit of knitting that I had started (which wasn't that big of a loss because I had no real plan in mind for that bit other than to practice stitches) and restarted the practice bit on smaller/shorter needles (since all my other needles are packed away in that tiny box you see in the second picture with the white lid, and said box would probably explode like one of those cans with the fake snakes in them if I were to open it)

Anywho, here is what I have done so far (again, without any aim or direction other than to practice practice practice)

The bottom part is all knit stitch, then after 15 rows of that I switched to the purl stitch, which really doesn't look all that different from the knit stitch. Then after that I switched to doing K1P1 (knit 1, purl 1) which created that really neat ribbing effect. I'm not as happy with that last bit since the edges are sloppy when compared to the rest of it (Though why I worry about that when this is just a practice piece is beyond me... must be my inner perfectionist raising her ugly head) After I finish with the bit of K1P1 I may move on to stockingnette stitch. and the back to K1P1, then another section of purl stitches, and another one of knit before finishing it off and moving onto my first actual knitting project (a Harry Potter scarf, of course :P )


  1. Your knitting looks great, I'm really impressed how quickly you're mastering it. :) I'm also a little envious at how orderly your move looks to be going. Even at our best, our packing never looked so. . . prepared.

    Your comments about knitting keeping your hands busy (and keeping you from munching the bad stuff) reminds me -- I have a whole theory about lack of hobbies and the relationship to the obese. I should write about that some day.

    Best of luck on a relatively painless, smooth move. :)

  2. Funny, the knitting doesn't look all that great from my end, but then making the sides of things nice has always been one of my problem spots.

    I am beginning to suspect that I was a knitter in a past life for it to be this easy to understand :P

    BTW, the apartment looks orderly, but it really isn't; it's a maze in there! And the cats running around and jumping on boxes and knocking them over isn't helping either!

  3. So apparently your knitting is photogenic? ;D Mine sure isn't.
    And I wouldn't be surprised if you were a knitter in a past life -- yay for cell memory! Seriously, though, perhaps it's having learned crochet already that made knitting easier. I know crocheting was a snap to learn compared to knitting -- but perhaps because I already knitted. (Oh who knows.)

    Hey, at least you bothered to put your stuff in boxes. We seriously have a massive problem with that. (For this main reason I hope we're able to stay in our current place.) When are you clearing out of your apartment?

  4. Maybe crocheting first does have something to do with it, because now that I've switched to holding the yarn in my left hand it's a LOT easier.

    We went down and signed the paperwork today, so HTB is going to start moving boxes in. I seriously owe that man a lot since he has done a majority of the work this go around.