Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I May be a Little Grumpy With the Weather...

It is hot in Southern California this week. Not quite cook an egg on the sidewalk hot, but hot and windy, which is just as miserable. I've been turning on the AC as soon as I get home, and any time my husband mentions how we should be fine in our new place with just fans I glare at him and insist that we will be getting a window AC unit AS SOON AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAY THIS PREGNANT LADY IS GOING WITHOUT AC IF THE SUMMER IS GOING TO BE THIS BAD.


Now where were we?

Last week was completely and totally dead at work. Most of my coworkers were at an out of town conference, and those of us who were left behind didn't have much to do. I was tempted to bring in my crochet and work on that (I've done it in the past, when I first hired on with the company, and was nicknamed the girl who knits as a result!) but I've reached that point in the pregnancy where I can't crochet for very long or else my carpal tunnel begins to act up.

So I wrote instead.

I was able to get more done with the Descendants. Then I promptly changed my mind about something I had written previously, and went back and rewrote that part of the chapter. I also plugged away on my fanfics a little. I tried to work on The Undying Ones, but, unfortunately, that chapter is still being a pain. I severely underestimated how much that needed to be edited! And it's hard to focus on doing that when the other stories are flowing so well!

And now, for WIPpet Wednesday!

Since today is the 14th, I'll be sharing 14 lines from The Descendants. This takes place shortly after Josh chews out Vivian for turning down his proposal (which you can find here). Audra, a friend of Vivian's, has come in to check on her and suggests that maybe, once they get back from their trip, Vivian can work things out with her boyfriend. The fun part about this scene is that I was able to give a nod to a book I adore, and work in a little foreshadowing.
Vivian snorted. Josh? Forgive her? After all the embarrassment she had just caused him? “My odds of meeting a hot ginger with a Scottish accent are way better than us ever getting back together.”
“Okay.” Audra drawled out the word. “So we’re adding a lot of pub visits to the itinerary. Or we can find a circle of standing stones or something for you to fall through like that girl in that one book...”
She tried to glare at her friend, but found herself laughing despite her foul mood. 
“I never liked him much anyways.” The smaller girl added once their laughter had faded away. “I can have him kicked out if you want.”
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  1. I love the dialogue back and forth. Seems like two very good friends talking, which is just how it should be.

  2. That's a great post break up conversation. I like how Audra bolsters Vivian's mood.

  3. A great exchange between friends. I love the bit about finding a circle of standing stones. Because how much fun would that be. :)

  4. I like their interactions. Now THAT'S a good friend. No advice or babying. :)

  5. I like Audra's suggestions for their itinerary. The question is does her boyfriend forgive her??

  6. Audra is an awesome friend.... especially since she shares book moments and "that guy" talk with Vivian.

    And yeah, I can totally get the whole "but I've all these ideas that are working so well in X story and Y story... WHY do I have to work on this story?!"