Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Casting Characters...

Time for a fun post I've been wanting to do for awhile. One that has nothing to do with sewing, or babies on the way, or crazy cats! Casting characters!

I don't know if this is the same for all authors, but when I write, or think about my stories, I can see scenes playing out in my head on my own personal movie screen. As a result, almost all of the characters in my stories have people 'casted' to play them.

Sometimes they resemble a friend or someone I know. Atiya, who recently popped up in Between Two Worlds, is very strongly based on an amazing Belly Dancer I know from Halloween Haunt and the Southern California Renaissance Faire. Harris, another character from Between Two Worlds, is based, at least in looks, on a gentleman who used to work Faire.

Sometimes they resemble an actor that I'm fond of. Vivian, from the Descendants, is definitely based (at least in looks) on Jennifer Lawrence (LOVE HER!) and her best friend Audra resembles Ellen Page. Maya (the adult version of her that is) is Amanda Seyfried.

And then, sometimes how I picture them changes over time. For example; Gwalchmei, who Vivian runs into in Book 2 of The Descendants, was originally Bedwyr, a complete and utter misogynist jerk, and had black hair and blue eyes. Back then, I totally pictured him as Joe Manganiello. Now, that Bedwyr has turned into Gwalchmei, is much kinder, and has red hair and blue eyes, I often picture him as a bearded, long haired Tom Hardy - though I have to admit, Michiel Huisman comes in as a close second (I blame this entirely on his portrayal of Daario in Game of Thrones)

Hello gorgeous...

There are exceptions though - I have not cast Mattie, from The Undying Ones. Since she wears a mask for a majority of her story, I don't know what her real features look like just yet. The same goes for Rordan and Talesin - who are so scarred it would require several hours of make up for anyone to look anything like the picture in my head I have of them! Domick from Between Two Worlds is another tough one. While there is a portrait of him in the People of Pern, it looks nothing like anyone I know, or any celebrity I may have heard of.

Who do you see playing your characters in your stories?

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And now for WIPpet Wednesday!

Since today's date is May 7th, here are 12 lines (5+7=12) from the chapter of The Undying Ones I'm working on cleaning up. When last we checked in on chapter 10, the King had left his tower for the first time in ages and had joined his people in the Great Hall. Needless to say, they were all a bit surprised! However, the King seems to be in a bit of a foul mood, and some of his men think they know who can help:

Finally, as if the guards had reached a silent agreement, one of them stepped away from the dais. He sighed in relief when he found Mattie hiding in the shadows at the edge of theroom. “Go talk with him. He likes you. Maybe you can cheer him up.”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“None of your business. Go do your friends and family a favor and speak to the King. Make him smile.” He shoved her away from the wall, into the middle of the room.

Mattie could feel everyone’s eyes on her and hear their conversations fade away to whispers as she approached the King’s throne.

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  1. I don't know quite what's going on here, but I feel slightly nervous on Mattie's behalf as she has to approach the king's throne. Good job! Love the idea of "casting" your characters, too!

  2. That's not awkward. "What's wrong?" "None of your business. Just fix it for us without asking any questions." Heh. Thanks guys. Your complete confidence and utter lack of trust in me leave me speechless. =0P I wouldn't want to be in Mattie's position.

  3. Uh oh...I hope Mattie has something up her sleeve!

  4. What a tough place to be in... though, interesting to know she wears a mask all the time. I kind of had a vision of her being kind of short, very thick, curly brown hair that doesn't obey well when bound up. Greenish eyes... I don't know why, but I see her as having greenish eyes... A little rounder features than most.

    And yeah, I love to cast characters too. Probably more than I should. :-)

  5. hmmm Mattie is walking on a tight rope it seems. Hope she knows how to balance.

  6. I don't watch GoT -- I know, that's like a crime or something, right? -- but can I just say dayum to the picture. Wait, let me scroll back up a second.

    Um...yes. Yum.

    Oh, I'm sorry, there was a WIPpet included, too, right. Need to scroll back up again--NO, stop it. That's what Mattie should say. No. Do your own dirty work...or distracting work...or whatever you're trying to get me to do so you don't have to.

  7. I started casting my characters properly with my first NaNoWriMo in 2011. And then I ended up getting a Pinterest to do it because I was continually running out of printer ink.

    Ooh, what a sticky situation to be in. King in a foul mood, all the eyes on her... don't envy her at all right now!