Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday the Twenty Fourth

(Murphy cat thinks he's helping)

Yet another week of not getting as much done as I'd like when it comes to knitting. A friend and I drove up to San Jose/San Francisco for the weekend, and while there is a lot to do and see on the way up, we took a different route on the way back where there was nothing to do or see. I took advantage of this dead time to try out knitting in the car, and, hey, what do you know, I can knit in the car without any issues (I was afraid I'd get car sick) I am now two grey and two green stripes away from being finished with the Husband's scarf. 

My writing is going well, though I don't think I'm going to make my personal deadline. I decided to add something else to the storyline again, so I'm going through and revising things for a third time so the new subplot makes a little more sense. I really need to stop doing that to myself. 

The next to last Scotland and Ireland Trip update is over here.


  1. Everyone should have a knitting assistant:)
    I like to knit in the car but end up just holding it a lot of time time since I am usually the navigator when my husband drives.

  2. Good luck with your writing project and your knitting this week!

    I was relieved to know I could knit in the car -- we go on some long car trips each year and my husband would rather drive most of the time than just ride, but he also likes for me to be able to talk to him when he drives. Knitting is much better for that than reading.

  3. Once you find you can knit in the car, you never look at long journeys with dread again. My family and my partner's family live in opposite directions about 3 hours away. I get SO much done now on those drives I don't mind that we always do the visiting.