Saturday, October 22, 2011

Scotland and Ireland Day Ten - home...

As I mentioned in the previous post, the LCD screen on our new camera was broken - we could take pictures with it, but we couldn't actually see what the pictures looked like, or what we were aiming at, because the screen was just filled with white - and our other camera, which is nicer and fancier, eats normal batteries up like candy. So, taking pictures of the Dublin airport, or the flight home, or the Newark airport was impossible.

Let me say, the Dublin aiport is confusing. There are two buildings, and they're both big, and neither one is labeled very clearly on which terminals are where. The Husband thought that we should go into the newer building, because that's the building we came out of when we landed in Dublin, but the tickets said something about building one, which I thought was the older building. However, we got there only to find out that the terminal we were looking for was in the other building, so we had to walk across the airport (but thankfully it was nothing like the walk from the Air Canada terminal to the Continental terminal at LAX) Once there we found out that the Husband's bag was overweight, but unfortunately my bag was packed full too, so we couldn't switch stuff over (and Airport security is very twitchy about that anyways) so we paid the fine. Then we had to figure out how to get into the Terminal itself, which was up a floor, but wasn't clearly labeled either, so we got lost again.


We finally found it, made it through security and customs, and then found out that our bad luck from trying to get to Ireland had decided to follow us on the way home as well; a hurricane was blowing towards the UK, and the wind speeds in Dublin were pretty high (I've forgotten how high they were, but they were strong enough to move the metal siding on the terminal) On top of that our flight home had been delayed by two hours, because it had to land for gas in Iceland (scary!) so we had to be put on another flight from Newark to LAX. All in all it was better than having no flight home, but still - what is with us and flights and hurricanes?! Next time we're going overseas in April or May (but then we'd probably have to deal with a freak blizzard or something)

The flight back home was just as cramped as the flight to Dublin. Since it was daytime, we were able to see all the damage the flooding had caused in New England. I remember hearing about the flooding, but I didn't realize it was that bad!

We landed in Newark only to find out that our connecting flight had been delayed (see what I mean about us and having bad luck when it comes to airplanes) So we were able to relax at Newark for a couple of hours and indulge in some McDonalds.

Finally, 20 hours after leaving Dublin, we arrived at LAX and were greeted by the Husband's parents. We loaded our luggage into their car and tried to tell them about everything we'd seen and done (though it probably wasn't very coherent) After a stop at In and Out for dinner, we pulled up into the drive way of our apartment, unlocked our front door, and were promptly attacked by the cats, who wouldn't let us out of their sight and didn't want to be put down unless we absolutely had too.

We then passed out for the night, happy to be back home with our friends, families, and pets.

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