Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIP Wednesday the Twenty Fifth...

I'm now one row and one stripe away from the middle stripe on the Gryffindor scarf (It looks rather dark in the picture because our lights at work and because of the camera app I was using on my phone.) Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the yellow yarn to work with me, so after this next row, the scarf gets to sit here and wait at work until tomorrow. 

On the Slytherin scarf I'm now just three rows away from being done. I would be closer, but the boys have been rather clingy lately, and they're trying to one up each other in their clinginess. So, one will start off in my lap, then the other will decide that my stomach is the better place to lay. Soon, the boy on the lap will get tired of his brother laying on top of him, so he'll move up to my chest, and then the other one will move so that he's taking up the available space left over on my chest - which often means he's laying on top of one arm - so knitting around them is rather impossible. Plus they hate my knitting needs for some reason, any time I try to knit, and one of them is coherent enough to see what I am doing, they'll start biting and attacking the ends of the knitting needles. 

Also, they make typing rather impossible, so the only writing I'm able to do is while I'm at work on my breaks or in between calls. Not that I've been doing much writing, since writer's block decided to hit me last week, so there has been absolutely no progress on my edits. 

But at least the Honeymoon updates are done - here and here - so now I can move on to updates about all the stuff I've visited recently while the husband has been busy working (he's a supervisor at a local Halloween event, so I've been on my own for most of October) I've also been doing a lot of reading recently - while a friend and I were in San Jose I finished The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton and When She Woke by Hillary Jordan. 

The Faerie Ring was a fun read. It's about a pickpocket in Victorian England who manages to steal a magic ring from Buckingham Palace. The ring is a symbol of an ancient agreement between England and the fey, now the fey from the Unseelie court are after the ring, so they can break the truce and start to take their world back. The ending was confusing though, and left me wanting more - thankfully, this is the first in a trilogy, though there's no word yet on when the next one will be out. 

When She Woke was VERY thought provoking and amazing. I finished it, and literally sat there in awe for a few moments afterwards. It's that good! It's a retelling of the Scarlet Letter set in a dystopian future America. Prior to the novel's start, there was a plague that rendered most of the population sterile before a cure could be found. Abortion is outlawed, and continues to remain illegal in most states even though the population has begun to restore itself. A girl has a forbidden relationship with a man, and when she finds out that she is pregnant, she gets an abortion rather than name him as the father. She's caught, but in this new America, in order to save money, the government now injects people with a virus that dyes the color of their skin according to the severity of their crime rather than imprison them. The story is all about the girl as she tries to deal with the ramifications of her 'crime', looses her family, finds new friends and hope. It's a very fitting novel for these times when there are debates about abortion, Mississippi is getting ready to vote about personhood laws, and churches are picketing funerals. Go out and buy this book right now! Do it! You won't regret it!


  1. It's such a great feeling when you're nearly at the end of a project isn't it? I hope you get them finished soon! X

  2. I am overjoyed for you to hear the Slytherin scarf is almost done! :) Looking forward to seeing it on a Friday in the very near future!

  3. @Emma - Yes! It's kinda like getting a second wind :D

    @Contessa - I am too! Hopefully only another week and it should be done *crossing fingers*