Friday, July 1, 2011

Finished Object Friday the Fourth...

The cowl is done!!!!! Yay! No more having to deal with homespun! 

The pattern I used for the cowl of homespun doooooom was the Convertible Cowl pattern by JustessDesigns on Ravelry. It's a fairly simple and easy pattern, however, after row five the designer starts repeating previous rows and that's when things got annoying. Instead of just copying the information for the row she wanted you to repeat (IE chain two and DC in each SC) she tells you to literally repeat row 4, so then you have to go and look up row 4 to find out what it was, which is fine if row 4 is the row you just did, but it's a bit frustrating when row 4 was 3 rows ago. I lost my count of what row I was on so many times in this pattern because of those repeated rows (which is probably why I took a break from the project and misplaced it because it annoyed me so much) that the next time I make this cowl again, I'll make sure to copy and paste the pattern into notepad and do a little editing so it's easier to read when I print it out. 

(My wig head was willing to model the final product)

I believe I made the base chain a bit larger than what the pattern called for, because 55 seemed too short, but it's been so long since I started the cowl that I can't remember exactly how longer I made it. 100, I think? 75?

Another peeve with the pattern is that I was taught that when you start a new row that will be, say, a row of double crochet, you chain three and then start the double crochet in the next stitch. The pattern tells you to only chain two - which made the cowl seem a little wonky in the beginning before I eventually went 'screw it!' and went back to chaining three before staring a row of double crochet like I had been taught. 

Despite all that trouble thought, the cowl did turn out quite nice. I can't wait for it to be winter time so I can use it :D

Obligatory cat pictures:

Murphy: What are you doing momma?

Believe it or not he was actually posing with the cowl on him quite nicely - but he stopped as soon as I went to take the picture :P


  1. Well done it looks great, I especially love your "model"!

  2. Oo, very nice! Now it just needs to get cool again, and it's kitty approved! Even better!

  3. YAY for being done with a project using Homespun!! I've done precisely two very small crochet projects in Homespun, and that was more than enough. Pretty yarn, total crocheting nightmare. :| But your cowl only represents the "pretty yarn" part---I like the colours, and it looks so plush and pretty. And I love the obligatory cat photos, too. <3

    Also, re: your question about Bothersome the Slumberless, I did just whip him up randomly. While his slumberless-ness is annoying, he's also like, some kind of imbuer of patience, because I didn't bat an eye at having to frog and redo his eye-socket-stalks like, five times before I got ones I liked. Which I didn't write down directions for, naturally...