Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WIP the Twelfth

It's been a stressful couple of days around here - the fact that the wedding is now only a month and a half away is finally hitting home. There's still so much left to do, but some of it we can't really do until we know exactly how many people are coming to the wedding (like favors) And then what about those people who don't respond to the RSVPs or say 'no, we won't come' but then show up anyways?

This is only a tiny bit of what is going on in my head recently.

You would think, that as a result of the stress, I'd be knitting more, but I'm not. Well, not as much as I expected. I got the next set of red and gold stripes done on the Gryffindor scarf;

(It looks a bit less 'cat in the hat' ish right now)

And now I'm playing catch up on the Slytherin scarf:

Which is a bit weird because I haven't used the purl stitch in awhile, so I had to remind myself how to do it. Also my tension is just a tad bit looser now, so the top there is a bit wonky.

But it's not really noticeable. And even if it was, it's for HTB, and, as a friend put it, he would have to wear it regardless of the flaws because I made it for him.

Sadly, I don't think these are going to be finished by Friday (which is when HP 7 part 2 is released here) So the goal is to get them done by the wedding (or at least the week before the wedding in my coworker's case) I will be so happy when they are done that way I can get back to my crochet! I have two baby blankets I'm itching to do - and the yarn for that is taunting me!


  1. Oh my gosh, Harry Potter scarves, NO WAY! That is the coolest thing ever. Can't wait to see them finished..

    And good luck with the wedding. I had planned my wedding all out and at the last minute we said to heck with it, went to the JP and then the bar after.. lol

  2. We've one upped Trisha; we're planning our wedding at the bar! Seriously, we've rented a party room and are doing it very casually. No worries that way!

  3. @Trisha - Thank you! I can't wait to see them finished too, if only so I can start on my own HP scarf without feeling bad!

    Y'know, the closer and closer we get to the wedding day (and the more expenses I see piling up) I can't help but think that Eloping wouldn't have been such a bad idea after all. However, HTB is against the idea of eloping because I'm pretty sure his side of the family would hunt us down and kill us lol.

    @Minding My Own Stitches - having a wedding at a bar?! Crap! Why didn't I think of that! lol