Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Three... Ha ha ha...

I went to Contessa's house this weekend to help her finish her bodice (which you can see here) but I didn't feel like bringing the baby blanket in progress with me, and since I need to get more yarn for the cowl I didn't want to bring that either (even though I learned this weekend that Contessa has a Joann's dangerously close to her house... so that could've been fixed) So, since I promised a coworker a Harry Potter scarf, I brought my Tunisian crochet hooks along with the yarn I'd bought for him and got started on that.

So that means I am now working on three projects at once. 

I feel a bit like a liar right now; I mean, just a few weeks ago I claimed that I could only do one thing at a time when it comes to fiber arts. Apparently I was wrong about my abilities. 

On other fronts the Southern California Renaissance Faire is getting ready to start in about 4 more weeks. I had been commissioned by two different people to make bodices for them, and I had planned to take plenty of pictures of the process so I could post a 'how to do it' series of blogs, but unfortunately I have not heard from either person regarding the commissions (they hadn't paid me, I hadn't invested in fabric yet, so no harm no foul) However a coworker is requesting that I make a new chemise for her in this one particular style I dreamed up, so may I will post a 'how to' blog on that.

Ciao for now.

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  1. Aw, how sweet, you referred to my place as a 'house.' :D
    I definitely think you underestimate your ability to work on projects (and the ones that I've seen have come out so nicely)! And hey, any time you want to hit that Joann with me, I'm totally game.

    I'd love any how-to series you might want to blog about, and I'd be happy to help or participate in any way, shape or form. :D You make an awesome teacher.