Thursday, March 24, 2011

In which the cats try to help... or distract... me

Due to the inclement weather this weekend I was able to get another round of stripes done on the baby blanket for my friend, and I'm about halfway through the first stripe on my other friends scarf. As for my cowl, well, that's stagnant for the moment since I'm nearly out of yarn for it. I'll be getting more for it this weekend. 

Now for a dose of cute: 

This is Murphy McCatnus... He likes to play fetch with his mouse. 

Apparently I did not throw the mouse fast enough for him, so he decided to remind me that it was there...

And then he brought it back after it was thrown. Good job Murphy McCatnus.


  1. One of these days when we can send Contini to visit his grandparents, we totally need to come over. I really want to meet your kitties! ♥ The blanket looks so good, btw!

  2. Yes! And you'll definitely need to see the new place once we move, it's awesome :D