Monday, February 14, 2011

And the Meatlocker Monday Man is...

...Actually someone I don't consider all that hot. Is he a good looking guy? Yes. An amazing actor? Yes. But I was told (by a male coworker no less! Who's straight!) that if I didn't feature this person in the Meatlocker he would pull my girl card. We can't have that happen now, can we?

So, to appease that male coworker (you know who you are) I give you Johnny Depp!

Are you happy now Mr Coworker? Seriously, I should take away your man card for suggesting him. I refuse to believe that you don't have one because you cook and clean :P


  1. LOL! Hubby lost his man card for other reasons.
    I used to have such a thing for Johnny but I find as I get older I have less interest in him. *shrug*
    But I agree that you had to feature him (eventually). :)

  2. I never really had a big thing for Johnny. I loved him in Pirates of the Caribbean, but I preferred to drool over Orlando Bloom ;)

  3. have loved him since 21 Jump Street. he's like a fine wine, gets better with age.

  4. Your comment about Orlando made me SO happy. I thought I was the only one who preferred him over Johnny in that movie (the first. . . 2nd and 3rd I just couldn't get excited over anyone).

  5. @Season I have to give you that, he does look better now than he did when he was in Crybaby (I have to go off of Crybaby because I never saw 21 Jump Street)

    @Contessa Here's hoping the eye candy for Pirates 4 is just as nice (and doesn't make me feel like a cradle robber)