Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Despite Connor insisting that I hold him while I was working - which isn't such a big deal while I'm crocheting, but a bit harder to manage when I'm adding finishing touches, like fringe - I got the Harry Potter scarf that I am making for a friend finished last night.

The fringe is not movie accurate, but I thought it looked better than the short dark fringe the patter said to use. 

It's a bit too long for me to get a picture of all of it - unless it's folded up - but it comes down to my hips, and because it's folded in half, it's pretty thick and oh so warm. I want to try to make the next one even wider. I have new Tunisian hooks coming that are a larger gauge and a bit longer than what I used with this one, so the fabric won't be as dense, and hopefully won't curl as much at the ends.  However, I'm also sorely tempted to knit the next one instead of doing tunisian crochet... but we'll see.

Next project: Granny Stripes!


  1. WOW that scarf looks fantastic! ♥ The fringe (accurate or not) just makes it look that much nicer. :) Awesome job!
    And I'm totally going to need to figure out the granny stripes. I have an idea I could use that for.

    And thank you so much for pimping my shop in your last post!! (Hey, don't forget to send me the pics you were telling me about. . . I know we've got time but I'm eager to see what you have in mind.) :D

  2. Granny stripes seem confusing, but they're actually not that hard! I was using a pattern I found online, but there's a book of crochet squares that has granny stripes in it. I want it sooo badly.

    I'll send you the picture of the necklace as soon as I get home :D

  3. I think I found a pattern that should suffice. I am also pretty sure I can see how it comes together (I served my time making granny squares so I suspect construction is a similar idea between the two). ;)

    I have several books that are filled with motifs (you saw a couple of them); they are SO worth the money, imho.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the pics! :D

  4. It looks great Christina!!!! Speaking of HP, I may be getting my Fawkes tattoo next week. :D