Wednesday, January 21, 2015


So I had this post written discussing a new tv show I started watching, how the Bug is now teething, and other things, and somehow it just disappeared! One minute it was there and then the next it was replaced by an earlier post. The title was the same, but other than that it was totally different.


Anywho, to sum the previous post up:

  • I'm sorry I didn't post last week, but we did a soft launch of our new program so my team was up until 3am supporting that. I, however, couldn't hack it so I passed out at 1. 
  • The 100 on the CW is amazing. 
  • Teething sucks. 
  • And my in laws are out of town so we have the whole house to ourselves! YAY! I can watch my TV shows on Netflix without having to worry about whatever my in laws are doing with the internet interfering (the internet at their house really sucks, but hopefully in 6 more months we'll be on our own again)

In addition to that I rediscovered my word press blog yesterday. I prefer blogger because I have more control over the layout without having to pay some exorbitant fee, but I finally found a free layout that's not too horrible. Also it seems like everyone and their mother likes to use wordpress. I'm trying to decide if I want to move over there, or stay here, or maybe keep them both but have one be for updates about the Bug and have this one be for writing.

Decisions, decisions.

The other tough decision on my plate right now is trying to figure out what to do with The Descendants. Currently the book opens with Vivian going to a party where her boyfriend proposes and then flips out on her when she turns him down. It occurred to me the other day that the boyfriend is a pointless character. He really serves no purpose in the books other than to show that Vivian is ambivalent about love and relationships. She wants to be in one, but she's afraid of it at the same time because she's afraid of loosing the person (After seeing how her dad reacted to her mom's death, who could really blame her). However, after the first book we don't see him again until book four and he only shows up in one or two scenes that do nothing to further the plot - though they lead to some great fan service (Though, can a book have a fan service scene if it hasn't been written yet and therefore has no fans yet? I have a lot of faith in this series I guess).

A part of me is tempted to change the opening to where her dad is getting remarried. Vivian is, understandably, not thrilled about the idea - especially since she's pretty positive that the woman has ulterior motives. Sure enough the woman does and her actions are what send Vivian on her journey.

I'm also tempted to make Audra be this woman's daughter instead of being Vivian's friend.

And I'm debating about making Audra a florist, but I worry it might be too obvious.

What are your thoughts, my dear readers and fellow WIPpeteers?

Today is WIPpet Wednesday, so here is your weekly snippet. Since today is January 21st, here are four paragraphs from The Descendants (1+21=22, 2+2=4). We last checked in with Vivian in this post. She's no longer stuck in the temple of doom, but her new surroundings are still dangerous - she just doesn't know it yet.

Afraid of what fresh nightmare might await her, she opened her eyes just a smidge - and immediately closed them against the bright glare of the sun. It hung high in the sky above, it’s rays beating down on her body and warming the fabric of her clothing and the stone underneath her.  
Squinting, she opened her eyes a second time and discovered that she wasn’t in another nightmare - instead she was in the middle of a field. Tall grass surrounded her on either side, broken up here and there by red flowers. She bent down and plucked one, running her thumb over the soft petals and the dark whorl of stamens at its center - poppies.  
While poppies weren’t her favorite flower by far, it was still comforting to see them. 
Beyond the poppies and the grass, foothills covered in greenery led up to two mountains that towered on the horizon. One was sharp and short, while the other was wide with a jagged top like a tooth. Smoke seemed to be drifting from the top of that one, but it faded as she stared at it, making her wonder if she had just imagined it.  
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  1. I'd be pretty excited to have you on wordpress. It's nice to be able to like posts I've read without having to come up with a clever comment. I'm not always so good with that. :)

    I had to cut a boyfriend down once (in a book... real life is another topic entirely). I liked the scene, but it put too much focus on him when he wasn't the main romantic interest. I still kept him for reasons to be revealed in book 2, but I'm glad I cut his "screen time" down a little.

    1. Neither am I sometimes! I always feel so bad when I leave a comment that says, oh that was good, but I want people to know that I read their post and liked it.

      See! That's another reason why I think the boyfriend has to go! He's not the main love interest at all! He's just the guy Vivian's been dating because her friend talked her into it. She likes him and enjoys his company and cares for him but it's not Twue Love. She meets that guy in Book two.

  2. You do a great job with imagery - wish the sun was beating down on me right now!

  3. I do pay for my Wordpress site, but I have my reasons for that. Even for free I prefer Wordpress.

    I also like the imagery in the snippet. Now I'm wondering how she got there and why.

    1. Thank you! You have a beautiful site BTW!

  4. Very nice imagery. I love the feel of this scene. :-)

    And I know what you mean re: the boyfriend. *sigh* I just cut one for similar reasons. Maybe the same reasons. You and I must think alike on some levels. :-)

    1. Thank you!

      Supposedly great minds do think alike!

  5. I do the freebie WordPress and prefer it because it seems I'm always arguing with blogspot. It likes to eat comments. I agree, themes aren't great, and I'm looking into creating my own...when I have some time.

    Love the imagery in your WIPpet. Me? I'd be a little weirded out waking in the middle of a poppy field.

    1. I worry that maybe the scene isn't right because she's not freaking out yet.

  6. Blogger seems to have this weird habit of occasionally eating things. I've never worked out why it happens, it just... does it. But like you, I've always railed at Wordpress wanting to charge me for every little thing (like the privilege of using my own domain name), but if you can make it behave for free then perhaps try running them side by side for a while and see which you prefer?

    All that aside though, I love the description in your WiPpet! I can see the whole scene just perfectly in my mind's eye, and that has to be one of the nicest descriptions of a poppy I've seen. :)

  7. I pay a little extra for the domain name and a premium theme that I was able to play with to make it my own. I'm getting ready to move to a WP hosted site in 2016, and to shut down my old Blogger blog. I'm not at all in love with Blogger, even though WP took some time to learn.

    I like the excerpt - it's intriguing and engages the senses. I'm a little worried about that smoke,,,

    Usually, if I'm tempted to start a story somewhere else, and cut someone, it's a good instinct!

    May the teething soon be over, for now. =D