Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Whole New World...

Another week has gone by and there's still not much to report. The cats are still crazy. The baby is doing well, and I'm still sewing away. Right now I'm finishing up a shirt order, then I have some spats to make for someone who is going to AnimeExpo in July, after that I have some cowrie shell hair falls to make for another customer - which I'm really excited about because it's the first pair I've sold! 

I was able to do a little writing, but not nearly as much as I would like. Hopefully this week things will be a little better.

And on to the WIPpet!

Since today is the 18th of June, here are 10 paragraphs from The Descendants (6+18=24, 24-14=10) I know it's kinda long, but it was such a good scene that I just could not break it up! Anywho, this bit takes place the chapter after Vivian feels the stone at Audra's house buzzing. She eventually blacks out, and when she comes too, well... let's just say she's not in Kansas anymore.

First she needed to get out of here - wherever here was - before the rest of the roof collapsed on her. She continued to crawl forward, heading towards the door she had seen in one wall. Her hands bumped into rubble as she went, banging up her fingertips and tearing at her fingernails. Some items were smooth, like metal bowls and chalices, that burned her skin. There were other things too; oddly shaped things that felt a bit porous and rough. The image of the skeleton she had seen hanging in her high school biology class came to mind, but she refused to acknowledge them as such for fear of panicking again.  
Then her hand encountered something she did not expect at all. 
It had a rounded tip that was smooth and cool to the touch. At first she thought it might be the remains of a crushed marble ball - perhaps something that had dropped off of one of the statues overhead - however instead of being spherical, it was oblong in shape. She followed it back to where it connected with a vertical shaft, her fingers encountering heavy stitching and laces.
Vivian frowned. What was a boot, especially a combat boot, doing here? 
Whoever it belonged to yelped and stepped back. Another breeze pushed the smoke aside, and Vivian looked up to find someone dressed in what looked like a swat uniform standing over her. A gas mask hid the face, making it impossible to see who the person was - or if they were even human - but judging from how the bullet proof vest stuck out a little in the chest area, she was willing to bet whatever it was was female.  
“Who are you?” A garbled voice asked her. “And how the heck did you get here?” 
Vivian opened her mouth to answer, but the stone underneath her was vibrating again. She could almost feel it buzzing in her blood. Around them, multiple stones began to glow - breaking up the smoke filled darkness with dim pinpricks of light like the stars overhead.  
“Not again! It’s too soon! I haven’t found it yet!” The figure standing over her cursed, pulling off her mask to reveal a pretty girl with short black hair and grey eyes. She continued to spit out expletives, taking various names in vain, but her voice faded in and out - just like the girl was beginning to fade in and out. One moment she was solid, but the next she was as transparent as a ghost.  
She wasn’t the only one who was beginning to disappear, Vivian realized with a start. When she glanced down at her hands, she saw that she could see the floor carvings through her fingers and palms.  
And then there was darkness once more.
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  1. wow....I really want to know more about this world!

  2. Scary...and intriguing! It didn't fel like 10 paragraphs, at all! May I have some more?