Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A New Year...

My resolutions this year are to:

  1. Write more - like every day if possible
  2. Finish my crochet projects before I start a new one
  3. Use up all my yarn stash.
So far I finished a harry potter scarf I started over a year and a half ago (though it's probably been longer than that). The sad thing is that it was pretty much finished last January - all I had to do was sew up either side and add fringe. I'm currently plugging away now at a baby blanket I started in October for a friend from Church - I think I have 20 more rows till I'm done. After that there's another baby blanket to finish for a cousin. However I lost the hook I was using for that one, and now I can't remember what size hook it was, so I may have to frog it and start from scratch.

Oh, well, at least my neck will be warm while I do so. 

(Ravenclaw  Forever)

I am beginning to plug away at my stories more. I updated both of my fanfics for the first time since April. I finally just deleted the chapter that was annoying me on The Undying Ones. It turns out that I didn't really need it after all. I still have no idea if I should change the first couple of chapters of the Descendants, or leave it as is.

Anywho, today is WIPpet Wednesday. Since there isn't anything I can really share in TUO or The Descendants at this point, and there's nothing new in Mary's story, I'm going to share a little bit from one of the aformentioned fanfics I updated last week - Renegade Weyr. Just like Between Two Worlds, it's a Dragonriders of Pern Fanfic, but unlike Between Two Worlds, this actually takes place on Pern and the two main characters are both dragonriders.

There are five different dragon colors on Pern - Golds are female dragons and are the largest, and are often called Queens. Bronzes are male and the second largest dragons. Browns are also male, and are the next in line on the size scale. They're followed by Blues, who are male too. Last but not least are Greens, who are the smallest and are female.

When dragons hatch, they 'impress' upon a human, and then they and that human are bonded for life. Queen's impress on women. Bronzes, Browns, and Blues impress on men. Greens either impress girls, or men. They can communicate with their rider and each other telepathically, but it's very rare that a dragon will talk to another dragon's rider.

When men impress they shorten their name - so Jason, becomes J'son. Women who impress don't change their name. Dragon's names always end in a 'th'.

Dragons and their riders all live together in a Weyr, but occasionally they'll leave to go and visit a hold, craft hall, or a Gather - which is kinda like a county fair.

N'kar, the character in this chapter, is the rider of brown Elanth. He grew up in a Weyr surrounded by dragons and eventually impressed. His family, however, moved out of the Weyr and into a Hold after his oldest sister got married. He's gone to a Gather near their home to spend some time with them when his dragon encounters another dragon that isn't what it seems to be.

Since today is the seventh of January, here are seven lines from the first chapter.

I thought you were going to sleep? N’kar asked the brown.
I was, but then more dragons arrived and I had to move. There are two very pretty greens here now but they won't talk to me. There's a small bronze and a blue that keep watch on them constantly. The dragon sounded annoyed, They're very nervous.
Maybe they're coming into heat? The brownrider suggested in an attempt to soothe the dragon.
No, I would know. And no one else has seen them before. The large green isn't right, she's nearly as big as me, but she isn't a green.
How can a green not be a green?
I don't know, I don't understand. She's
green, but she isn't a green.
I give up. N'kar's brain hurt from trying to understand Elanth's logic. Try to ignore them and go to sleep.
To read more of the fanfic (there's 31 chapters) you can go here.
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  1. I love the whole dragon aspect in the story. Very interesting. I get how a person can seem like they are something but not really. :) Hoped they found if she's actually a green or not.

  2. I love the banter between them. I read some Pern stuff, but I haven't followed the series much. It's so long. :-) I've read a lot of McCaffrey's other books, though. She's lots of fun. One of the books I read was actually a collection of fanfic on her Acorna series. It's pretty cool she's so open to fanfic. Not all authors are.

    1. Thank you! Elanth is probably one of my favorite creations!

      I'm sad she passed away before she finished the series. If you only have time to read part of the series, I highly recommend the first two books, and the Harper Hall Trilogy. As for Fanfic, she wasn't so keen on it for a long long time but she gradually became more accepting of it as time went on though. I remember logging onto once and seeing that her stories weren't allowed, and then a few months later they were and she was even allowing writers to post their own fanfic on her personal messageboard.

  3. oh interesting. I'm wondering the same a whole new breed or something!

  4. That's interesting. I wonder what it means that there's a green dragon that isn't a Green.

    I've never read this series, so I'm just learning through what you've posted here. Sounds really fascinating!

    1. Thank you!

      It's a really great series. I highly recommend it!

  5. try to ignore them and go to sleep - sounds a little ominous. Nice job!!

  6. I really need to add "use up yarn stash" to my goals list. At this point, I'm not even sure what, and how much of it, I have.

    1. Ditto. I know I have about three medium sized boxes full, and one large joann's bag, but I haven't sat down to count exactly how many skeins that is. If you ask my husband though, he'd say way too many lol

  7. LOVE McCaffrey and Pern, but I may have mentioned that before. ;) As well as my infatuation with F'nor and Canth. *sigh* *gazes off into world of Pern* Thanks for taking me back there. I haven't read them in a while, maybe I need to go back and do so. I should get Kindle copies if they're available. My paperbacks are shedding pages.

    Great job on the snippet. I'm curious what the not-a-green green really is...

    1. I really need to get Kindle copies too. Then I could carry them all around at once and flip between my favorite scenes on a whim!

      I love F'nor, and T'gellan was pretty dreamy too ;)

  8. *sigh* I hope that comment is just waiting moderation and didn't get eaten by Blogger. :(

  9. My boyfriend is currently in the middle of "use up all the yarn" season. I'm going to be glad when it's completed, though I know he'll then just go out and buy more. :P

    I really need to get around to reading some Dragonriders of Pern books. This is an intriguing excerpt. And going to sleep when something is bothering you like that is far easier said than done!