Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What To Do With a Serial After You've Gotten Tired Of It...

So last Friday Kathi posted my WIPpeteer Interview at her blog. I've never done anything like that before, so that was cool!

Back in October I released the first part of what I had planned to become a 5 part serial. I figured I would give it a month then publish the next part, and so on and so forth. Except, when it was time to start working on the next part, we were in the middle of the holidays and work had cracked down on using the internet for personal reasons - which I understand - except they didn't even want us using it on breaks or lunches - which I don't understand.

Now the holidays are over, we're back from vacation, and I should get started on this next part, because it's been over three months since the first part was published...

Except I'm finding that I suddenly have no interest in continuing this series whatsoever.

I don't know if it's because it's so different from the original series, or if the bad reviews and low ratings I received because it was so short (even though I warned readers it was short and the first part in a series) have affected me more than I thought they did, or maybe I just have writers block on this series.

Not that I have much time to write right now - my Etsy store has been doing really well lately, so I've been sewing my fingers off the past couple of days. And it's probably only going to get busier because Faire season is getting closer and closer.

Anywho... it's time for WIPpet Wednesday!

Since today is January 15th 2014, I'll be sharing 10 lines from an upcoming chapter of Between Two Worlds (1+4=5, 5-15=10). In this snippet, Domick and Norah get a little... closer.

Marcus was asleep the moment his head hit the pillow. His excited chatter about everything that they had seen at the midsummer party died off mid sentence and was replaced by soft snores as Norah tucked him in. His mother smiled to herself, kissed him on the forehead, and turned off the light. She shut the door behind her, but froze as soon as she saw the figure waiting for her in the hallway. Domick leaned against the wall nearby, watching her. “You left so quickly. Is everything all right?”
She bit her cheek to stop the scream of frustration that threatened to escape her lips. Why was everyone asking her that? “Yes, I’m fine. Marcus... was tired. He’s never stayed up this late before. Not even for New Years.”
He glanced at the door behind her. “Ah. I take it he’s asleep.”  
“Yeah, yeah.” She nodded. “He’s out like a light. And I think I’m going to do the same.” She faked a yawn for added effect. However to get to her bedroom, she had to pass by him, and the hallway was narrow. Her stomach started doing somersaults at the prospect of being so close to him again. 
“It has been a long day.” He agreed. As he said it, his manner seemed to change just a little, the tension holding disappearing with an almost audible snap. His shoulders slumped and he ran a hand through his hair. “Good night.”
“Good night.” She tried to hurry past him, but he surprised her by reaching out and grabbing her hand, stopping her. She stared down at their joined hands, watching at he shifted his grip and entwined his fingers with hers. “Domick?”
“Norah... I...” He sighed, at a loss for words. “Oh, shard it all.” With one tug of his hand, he pulled her body against his, and his mouth easily found hers in the darkness.
His lips were gentle against hers, soft and satiny, and tasting faintly of sweet honey mead. For a moment she was quite literally breathless; even though she had refused to fall for him, she realized that this had been what she had dreamed of ever since she saw him teaching guitar to her son. Or perhaps she had wanted it ever since he given her that fake stage kiss. 
Thankfully there was nothing fake about this kiss.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you've grown tired of your serial. Sometimes it is best to move on and hope the inspiration returns at a later date. Good luck. And I enjoyed your WIPpet! (PS This is about the 3rd time I've tried to post this comment and it keeps disappearing. If all of a sudden a whole heap appear on this post - my apologies and please delete!).

    1. Raewyn, I have a terrible time with comments on BlogSpot. I just posted here but don't see it. It's either in moderation or cyberspace.

    2. It was in moderation. I moderate all comments to prevent spam. Sorry for any confusion that may have caused!

  2. Oooh...very nice. I love the way you have him all shadowy against the wall when she first sees him, that gets a little fright going. Then the fingers intertwining...luscious.

    Maybe after the serial sits you'll enjoy it again. Maybe not. Sometimes, as Raewyn said, it's best just to move on and let it lie. Doesn't mean it won't ever be something...just not now.

  3. nice snippet:) maybe time away will enable you to finish the series - all the best - take care:)

  4. Trying to post comments on Blogspot lately... eek!

    Anyway, I love the sexual tension you've added to this piece, Christina. This is your Harpers of Pern fanfic, right? I confess, it's been so long since I read that series...

    For your series... I'd leave a note on the original piece (or withdraw it for a rewrite at a later time) saying that it's in the process of being revamped for a later date. No further explanation needs to be given. Maybe you'll get back to it, maybe you won't. Sounds like you have enough going on at the moment.

    1. Yes, it's for my Harpers of Pern fanfic :)

      Taking it offline sounds like a good idea. I may just do that...