Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm Alive - ish...

ROW 80 Round Two has begun. My goals are pretty much the same as before - to keep plugging away at TUO and get it finished.

Unfortunately, I haven't been paying much attention to TUO over the past week. Last week I finally worked my way through the part of chapter five that was bugging me, only to get stuck again a few minutes later. On the upside, the contemporary story (formerly known as the Adult story) is flowing really really well. I've knocked out seven chapters in less than a week. If I can keep up this pace, then I hope to finish it with in the next month or so (it's much shorter than TUO)

Other than that things are going well! Work is busy. Our tax issues are finally over. My husband may be getting a new car very very soon. He wants a Jeep so we can do a bit of off-roading in it - needless to say we already have a list of things we would like to get for said Jeep and places we would like to go camping once we have it!

I hope your writing is treating you well!

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  1. Hi Christina, and congrats on the contemporary novel. It sounds like it's coming along nicely.

    Do you know why you got stuck with TUO? Perhaps a bit of brainstorming might help to unstick it?

    All the best, anyway, and see you at the Sunday Check In! ;)

    1. I think it's the result of some advice a friend gave me. They told me I needed more examples showing how villainous the guards were rather than just saying they were bad guys. I'm trying to work those in and I just keep being stuck. Perhaps I should have left this as a short story rather than trying to expand it, but it had so much potential that I could not ignore.

  2. sometimes stepping away into a different story helps with the first - I go with my minds flow - maybe the first needs to sit right back in your mind and solve the problem quietly while you get on with something else:) all the best