Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday the Fifty Fourth...

Since I tend to forget to update my blog on Wednesdays a lot, and since trying to write a blog on my tablet or phone is a pain in the butt because the blogger app won't let you add pictures from Picasa or create links, I am going to try something different this week. I am going to write my blog a day in advance and then schedule it to post on Wednesday instead! (And of course, as soon as I did that, I realized that tomorrow is the Fourth of July and my Birthday, so I'd be home to write the post and didn't need to schedule it. Oh well!)

Slowly but surely the scarf is getting ever closer to it's completion!

I had to go in on Saturday to work since it was the end of the month, and man was it dead - we're talking 30ish minutes between calls, under 20 emails... I don't think people realized we were open - so I plugged away at it until I was sent home early. I am hoping that I can finish it this week, and then I can focus on the baby blanket (though taking that to work will be impossible!) 

I started A Round of Words in 80 days this week! It's kinda like Nano in that it focuses on trying to get people to write more, but you get to set your own goals. For me, I am hoping to finish the short story (officially renamed... to what you'll just have to wait and see!) but my hard goal is at least 200 words a day.  I'll be tracking my progress over here at my new writing blog: The Girl Who Writes (which is a spin off of what one of the higher ups at my job calls me; the girl who knits) 

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  1. yikes, I accidentally read 'man was it dead' as 'a man was dead' and i was like whaaaaat!

    great scarf!