Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday the Fifty Fifth...

I have officially decided that the baby blanket is nearing completion. I remembered last night that my friends baby is going to be one year old soon so 1) this is way over due and 2) he's probably still on the smaller size, so a smaller blanket is fine. There's no need to create something that will last him until High School.

I think one more stripe of the white should be enough, and I have some green left over from the last baby blanket I did that I can use as trim. 

Connor-cat will be happy - I think he's getting tired of seeing me work on the blanket, because last night he decided to plop down right in the middle of it, making it impossible for me to continue crocheting until he left.

(see, that is an unhappy kitty right there. How dare I crochet when I could be petting him?!?)

1 comment:

  1. My kitties always demand my attention just as I sit down to my knitting :-)

    Lovely blanket! Hope you have enough yarn to finish it.