Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday the Fifty Third...

Slowly but surely, we are approaching the end of the technicolor dream scarf.

The skeins are getting very small, I estimate I have a few more rows before it's done - and now that the Stanley Cup Finals are over with (YAY KINGS!!!!) I can complete the scarf without having to worry about frogging every other stitch. 

If my writing would let me, that is. It's been influenced by all the hockey going on lately, and it doesn't seem to want to leave me in peace any time soon (which is perfectly fine by me.)

Since everyone else is reading it, I decided to break down and start 50 Shades of Grey. It's okay. Not horrible like I was expecting, but not fabulous either. You can definitely tell at times that it started off as Twilight fanfic since Christian Grey does resemble Edward Cullen in that he's controlling, too good looking to be true, and seems to prefer monochromatic clothing. Anastasia is a clutz, and is far too forgiving of Christian's behavior because she loves him just like Bella.And they have that unhealthy dependent relationship - just like in Twilight. But it is a bit more understandable given their roles in their sexual relationship, though still so not healthy. I'm all for doing what you want in the bedroom as long as you don't seriously maim or kill your partner, but breaking down in to tears because they have to leave because they have to work in the morning? REALLY?!? Ugh.

The emails and texts between the two are probably my favorite parts - they're fun and flow well, and are full of flirting and teasing. Now if the author could have only let Anastasia could only open up like that in conversations, it would have made the book a lot better. 

As for the naughty bits? Well those are definitely fun. As George Takei would say... Oh, my!

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