Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WIP Wednesday the Fifty First...

As you know, the Husband and I found a way for us to go the last day of the local Ren Faire - which meant that I had to get snapping on my bodice. So most of Wednesday and Thursday night was spent sewing these:

Into these:

And putting everything else together:

The gimp braid for the back was a little short, so I couldn't fold the end over to make it look all nice and pretty like I wanted to. However, a zig zag stitch covered that up:

Saturday was spent sewing the boning channels:

And the front to the back:

(I accidentally cut out the right side of interfacing twice - so I had to improvise)

The inside was also sewn to the outside and then the tabs were added. I also did the grommeting:

My hand still hurts from setting all those grommets. Ugh!

Did I get it down in time? I guess you'll have to check back on Friday and see!

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