Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday the Forty Third...

I admit it - I haven't done a whole lot of knitting this week. I have made some progress on the baby blanket though, but not enough to warrant taking a picture.

I have another confession to make - I broke down and bought some more fabric this weekend. See, I already have two pretty big bins full of fabric for Faire Garb and other costumes (all sorted by weight) I decided after we moved to our new apartment last year that I was not going to buy any new fabric for awhile until I had used up what I already had.

Then I went shopping with a friend this weekend. We had planned to go up to the LA Fabric District because she needed to buy some blue satin to put under the lace overlay of her wedding dress - there's a store up in LA off of 9th and Maple where you can buy satin for a $1 a yard. My friend had never been, and since I love the fabric district, we decided to make a day of it.

Only we never made it up there.

Traffic was pretty horrendous (the on ramp for the freeway we needed was closed) so we turned around and went to Joann's instead. My friend was able to find the exact fabric she needed for only $2 more a yard than what she would have paid in LA and as I was wandering around the discount aisles I found this:

The picture doesn't really capture the colors very well, but that green is a lovely shade of avocado, and the brown is kinda bronzy. I wasn't planning on making a new bodice for Faire, but these fabrics just jumped out at me, and I can't not make a bodice with them. 

So starting next week expect to see posts detailing how I make bodices starting with the first all important step - making a pattern out of duct tape. 

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  1. It's frustrating when the camera and or the computer doesn't show colors well. Anxious to see the project as you get it going.