Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Small but Mighty...

The last time I posted was a little over a month ago, and, as you can see, a LOT has happened since then. At that time I had been in the hospital for 18 days, and, to my surprise, I was actually discharged to continue my bed rest at home the very next day since both I and the baby were stable enough! Unfortunately, I was only at home for a grand total of 3 days before going back to the hospital for preterm labor again. They kept me for two more days, then released me yet again because the contractions had stopped and I and baby boy were stable. And then twelve hours later I was back at the hospital again for preterm labor (So much for being 'stable' right?)

However, this time things were progressing far too quickly. So quickly, that the doctors told us they wouldn't be able to stop it. 

At 4:53 pm on July 16th, my son was born

You know, how a few months ago I said being pregnant was the greatest WIP ever? I was wrong. Taking care of this this little guy is the greatest WIP ever!

Despite the fact that he was only 31 weeks and 4 days along when he was born, he is a strong and determined baby. We had been told by the NICU doctors that we wouldn't be taking him home until his due date - well, he actually came home after 3 weeks and 2 days!

Even though he's doing well, I'm still having some issues. During labor I hemorrhaged and then last week I began to hemorrhage again! Another hospital stay and a blood transfusion later and I'm doing much much better - however it looks like I'll be going in for surgery next month (pending insurance approval). The doctors (both the ones I met during my various stays in the hospital, and the one I was seeing prior to everything going down) believe that the cause of the preterm labor and my issues since then is a large fibroid hanging out in my uterus, and it needs to be removed pronto.

Anywho, as a result of all these things going on I haven't had much time to write (now that things have calmed down, hopefully that'll change). But I have been thinking a lot about an old nano project of mine. Since today's date is the 13th, here are 13 sentences from the first chapter of that project.
The vagrant had chosen to fall asleep across the wrong doorstep this time; instead of being rudely awoken by a kick to the side and being told to move by a grumpy shop keep, he was pulled to his feet and shoved in the back of a wagon. It was crowded with other poor souls who stunk just as badly as he did, and one or two moaned in pain as he collided with them. Blinking away the last of his drunken haze, he was able to make out a man dressed in the uniform of the city guard shutting the door and locking it. He had heard rumors that the King had wanted to clean up the streets of Anglon’s capital, but this was a bit extreme.
“Another happy colonist!” The man cried out. “And another groat for us!”
“Only if they’re still breathing when we get them to the docks. They won’t pay for dead ‘uns.” Another guard poked the vagrant  with the butt of his staff to make sure the man was still alive - as if his groan of pain hadn’t been a good enough sign.
A colonist? Docks? The vagrant hadn’t signed up for any sort of expedition... at least he didn’t think he had.
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  1. Wow!! Congrats!! I'm so glad he's healthy and you're getting healthy!!

    Great excerpt. I can totally see it all happening.

    1. Thank you! In addition to being healthy, he's also quite the character. Some of the faces he makes when he's eating or just laying around in our laps are pretty funny :D

  2. Congratulations on your son! I'm so happy that he's healthy and strong and I'm sending up a prayer that the insurance will cover your surgery. Blessings to your whole family! And great excerpt, by the way. I think it's totally realistic.

  3. Congratulations! What a roller coaster start to his little life. He's beautiful, and I hope he brings you years of joy. :)

    Great excerpt. It leaves me wanting to know where it's going.

  4. Congratulations! I'm so glad you and baby are doing well. :)

    Love the WIPpet and the vagrant's confusion at the end. That gave me a bit of a giggle, although I'm sure he's not giggling.

  5. Felicitations! He's lovely. I hope you'll be an all healed and better and happy you soon so you can enjoy your time with him.

    I love the WIPpet except for one thing.... I want the vagrant to have a name. I'm annoying like that.

  6. Congratulations! What a beautiful baby, and how wonderful to have him home with you. I'm hoping your surgery will be approved so that you can keep writing between all those antics with the little one. I'm already wondering when he will sleep through the night! But the excerpt is lovely. Is it historical fiction? Fantasy? Science fiction? It doesn't matter. The characters and the situation are all too believable. Hope to read more -- and hear good news.