Friday, July 11, 2014

The Preggo Diaries #3

Around 13 weeks I felt the baby kick for the first time. I know it's not normal to feel a baby kick that early - most don't feel them till around 16 weeks, and some don't feel them until even later - but I swear it was the baby. I was sitting at work, plugging away at a project a boss had assigned me, when all of a sudden I felt this weird spasm in my uterus. Except it was only local to one spot, and it was kinda faint. Over the next few weeks, as the baby continued to grow and get strong, I would feel that same spasm more and more often.

My progesterone levels rose and I was taken off of the suppositories. I was also taken off of the pelvic rest, which was awesome, but I was told that I still could not exercise. Walking was fine, but anything that might get my heart rate going was out of the question.

Still my husband and I took advantage of our new found freedom to start going places again. We went to the local malls and walked around. We went to look at model homes even though we could never afford to buy one. We went to visit the local Ren Faire and see our friends who worked there (though we made sure to take plenty of breaks and keep me hydrated).

The morning sickness and exhaustion began to fade. There was still the occasional gagging and vomiting here and there, and I couldn't eat much at meals due to the fibroid that was now pressing on my stomach, but it was so nice to not be nauseous all the time and to be able to enjoy food again. And while I could still sleep for 10 or 12 hours a day, at least I was able to stay up past 10pm without turning into a pumpkin anymore.

The second trimester screening went well. We learned that we were finally having a boy. The ultrasound tech assured us that our baby was growing fine and all his vital organs were doing well. Unfortunately the fibroid had grown, but that was to be expected - pregnancy hormones are like miracle grow to fibroids. Other than that little problem, the pregnancy was going smoothly - which was great, because things were about to get interesting...

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